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Balingasag Memory Square †Point of Sales System Essay

1.1 Background and Rationale of the study Memory Square is one of the attractive places in Balingasag Misamis Oriental. It is located at Barangay 6 near seaport between Provincial Hospital and basketball court. Memory Square is a fast food chain, where the students, teachers, families, friends, tourists, personnel’s in LGU or the Local Government Unit officials ,Balingasag Provincial Hospital personnel and for all the people coming from Balingasag seaport who buy snacks, foods and drinks. The owner of the Memory Square is Ms. Evelyn Albor. Memory Square was build on 2011. Ms. Evelyn Albor is the one who manage the money and running the business. The personnel that work in the fast food are the one who gives the ordered products to the customers and who buy products for the stock and manage the business when the owner is not around. The process of  the running business is complicated because the products are not recorded. The owner is not usually recording all the sales, all products that has been bought by the costu mer is not recorded. Only the credits, expenses and the daily sales are recorded manually. Because of lacking data and database the Owner cannot see the exact total income of the BMS. Inventory is basically the total amount of goods that are stock and stored. It is a system that maintains the information about the activities within the firms that ensure the delivery of products to customers. The subsystems that perform these functions include sales, manufacturing, warehousing, ordering and receiving. In this way it is possible to keep a record of all files. Since manual inventory consumes a lot of time it would be helpful to build a system that can less the cost with the stated problems, the researchers will develop, design and implement a system called Balingasag Memory Square – Point of Sales System (BMS POS system). BMS – POS system is where a retail transaction completed. It is the point of sales which a customer makes a payment in exchange for goods or services. At the point of sales it will calculate the owed by the customer and provide options for the customer to make payment. As part of it services, researchers implement a system that is designed to provide capabilities for storing, searching, updating, adding, deleting and editing the files of products or data. One of the important of BMS POS system is inventory for the identification in receiving and selling inventory items. Determine when to record low stock items or to record the sale of specific items. BMS POS system can also monitor the cost of goods sold, purchase price and sale price. All of the deliveries are recorded and listed from this system. There is a separation for the record of all goods. Expenses will be subtracted to the gross income and the result will be the net income with the use of this study. Balingasag Memory Square is using manual process of recording data of products but not all files of goods is recorded for many years it must be performing more efforts in maintaining a fast, efficient and reliable service. It is indeed a need for Balingasag Memory Square to computerize its old way of keeping or storing of files in order to update, edit, delete, and search and so with the personnel. The importance of this research is to  help the business to lessen their work in keeping files manually. Through this, the study will offer a fast and more efficient service to the community especially in retrieving important information for future use. This system helps to minimize the time and efforts consumed by using manual system. Using computerized point of sale with inventory will give benefits to the business and to the customers. It can be help to simplify the process of storing and managing the files in need for future use and make finding files easier than the manual process. It is used to keep orders and also provides details of when inventory needs to be used. 1.2 Theoretical and Conceptual Framework of the study A conceptual and theoretical framework is very useful in a research it is used to outline possible processes. It illustrates the different processes of the system. All the processes are being organized. It is a basic approach to understand the processes of the system. This framework illustrates the Input – Process – Output concept in which the researchers use as a guidelines to establish a POS system for Balingasag Memory Square. BMS POS system has two main parts the cashiering and the inventory. The researchers separate cashiering and inventory in its conceptual and theoretical framework for its different process. The growing popularity of computers called for a shift in thinking. During the late 1970s, social presence and media richness theory were found to be inadequate at describing computer-based meetings. In response to the changing landscape of organizations driven by computer systems, Input-Process-Output (IPO) Theory was proposed. An IPO theory state that the o utcome of a meeting depends on the process that occurs during the meeting, which is in turn dependent on what is put into the meeting. An IPO chart demonstrates how resources put into the system (inputs) undergo a change (process) to produce results (outputs). Figure 1.1 – Cashiering theoretical and conceptual framework Figure 1.2.1 illustrates the theoretical and conceptual framework of cashiering. First, the customer will asked for a product to the one who’s in charge in the Memory Square. The person in charge will check if the product is available or not available, then if the product exists the personnel will give it into  the customer and if it’s not the in charge will deny the request. Receipt will be given after the transaction is done. The product being bought will be added to the sales of the day. Figure 1.2.1 illustrates the theoretical framework of cashiering. First, the customer will asked for a product to the one who’s in charge in the Memory Square. The person in charge will check if the product is available or not available, then if the product exists the personnel will give it into the customer and if it’s not the in charge will deny the request. Receipt will be given after the transacti on is done. The product being bought will be added to the sales of the day. Figure 1.2 – Inventory theoretical and conceptual framework Figure 1.2.2 illustrates the theoretical and conceptual framework of inventory. Products information will be inputted and process to store in database. All the information is categorized. Then finally, all the products will be store in database. 1.3 Objectives of the Study General Objectives: The main objective of this study is to develop, design and implement a system that enhance the transaction and inventory process of Balingasag Memory Square. The BMS – Point of Sales System will assure that every transaction is accurate and stocks are always monitored. Specific Objectives: To conduct an interview and gather all information needed from the Balingasag Memory square in charge. To analyze all the information that the researchers get from the Owner of the Balingasag Memory Square – Point of Sales System. To design data flow, context diagram and create a database that would serve as a guide in realizing the desired output of the study. To design Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Balingasag Memory Square – Point of Sales System. To develop the code of the Balingasag Memory Square – Point of Sales System. To test and debug the Balingasag Memory Square – Point of Sales System. To implement the Balingasag Memory Square – Point of Sales System. 1.4 Significance of Study OWNER The flow of the deliveries before is not recorded by the owner but the owner knows that she gets a gain in the business. Sales are recorded manually with the owner and it takes her so much time just to record. With the help of this study it will be easier and faster to record sales. The features of the system are; the owner easily can add products in the system, she can add expenses but it will automatically deducted in the income and she can also add credits of the consumer. The owner can also view all the sales in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The system can also print the sales of the said store and can print receipt if the consumer wants. So, there will be no more papers and ball pen to be used for recording data’s. This is an advantage of the owner so that she will not suffer any more from losing files and no more hard time in retrieving of files manually. CUSTOMER Customer is one of the beneficiaries of this study. Transaction will be much faster than before because of the system automatically calculating of the items in the bill. One of the features of the BMS POS system is printing out of receipts. If the customer asks for a receipt in the personnel, he/she just press the print key in the system then the system will automatically print out all the list of items that they bought in the Balingasag Memory square. And also, if the consumer doesn’t have money to pay and ask for a debt, the system can put all the items that the costumer buy in debts. Customer’s debts are recorded and listed in the database with the use of the BMS POS system it’s easier to find files of their debts. FUTURE RESEARCHERS Through the help of the study our future researchers will not find it difficult to develop a new Balingasag Memory Square Point of Sales System, since this research would somehow help them on how to make a point of sales system and that what are the things needed to and what are they going to do. With this guide, the future researchers may develop a more improved and better BALINGASAG MEMORY SQUARE – POINT OF SALES SYSTEM for the coming future. 1.5 Scope and Limitation This Balingasag Memory Square – Point of Sales System aims to computerize the transaction of Balingasag Memory square from its manual process. As the researcher observes nowadays, small and big companies are making their system computerized so that it will help the company in minimizing the time and efforts consumed by using the manual process. Balingasag Memory Square – Point of Sales System. (BMS-POS System) can link automatically with the inventory occurring in the real time when the sales occur. In this way it is possible to keep the record of goods that are coming in and sold out. However, this is appropriate for small business that does not have a lot of stocks. This study gives more efficient management of the inventory and cashiering levels, it also provides a clear view of the inventory movement inside the Balingasag Memory Square. It will improve the employees’ efficiency by automating it routinely and time consuming tasks such as the time spent in manually recording the products. As a result, the time can be used in activities that are more productive. Used to keep track of the customer orders, monitor the products, total the net income every day, listed the expenses, records the credits, provide details of when inventory needs to be restocked and etc. The BMS POS system is exclusively for the Balingasag Memory Square only. A computer desktop base system that can print out weekly, monthly and annual results of sales; it can also produce a bill which contains the list of product being ordered, its quantity and price. It can store data, view data, search data, delete data and update a data in the database. It can be used only by the Balingasag Memory Square Owner and its employee. The BMS-POS system is not an online system and in networking. It is installed only in one computer or a laptop or a net book with OS of Windows 7. 1.6 Definition of Terms BMS-POS Balingasag Memory Square Point of Sales. Bill Contains the list of product, price and quantity being ordered by the customer. POS Point of Sales. Database It is where data are being stored. Goods Food, snack or meal that is bought in the Balingasag Memory Square. GUI Graphical User Interface, it is the visual output of the system. Inventory A complete list of product item and sales. Limitation A limiting product for the Balingasag Memory square. OS Operating System Products These are sold from the Balingasag Memory square. Rationale A purpose for this study. Record A list for the products, credits and etc. that are belong to this study. Scope The extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant. Theoretical A theoretical concept of the study Transaction An instance of buying or selling something; a business deal. Chapter 2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE AND STUDIES OF BMS – POS SYSTEM This chapter deals with the different literature and studies base on different sources such as books magazine, newspapers and Internet. The related literature is written based on the needed information related to the system to provide the better understanding how Facility Inventory System works and give a brief theoretical background. Through this, the user would somehow understand the functionality of the system clearly and comprehensively. Balingasag Memory Square Point of Sales System is an essential kind of system that can manage to allow the user and staff to do their job effectively. All the total credits are listed and all of the expenses are also listed in the database. Inventory is basically the total amount of goods that are stock and stored; it is a system that maintains the information about the activities within the firms that ensure the delivery of products to customers. The subsystems that perform these functions include sales, manufacturing, warehousing, ordering and receiving. In this way it is possible to keep a record of all files. As a part of services, this system is to design to provide capabilities for storing searching updating the all files of goods or products, adding a data, delete and edit. One of the important of POS system is inventory system for the identification in receiving and selling inventory items. Determine when to record low stock items or to record the sale of specific items. POS can also monitor the cost of sold goods, price purchase and sale price. All of the deliveries are recorded and listed from this system. There will be a separation for the record of all products. It can help to record securely all the sales and customer’s orders, track products which are poor on business’ sales and manage inventory. This system is a desktop based system in which could only use or accessed by two people which is the admin and cashier. To access the system, the user or staff must enter his/her username and password for the verification. Non-personnel are not authorized to access the sys tem. The researchers ordered to secure all the significant information that the database contained. Foreign Related Studies MICROS RES: Back-Office, Guest Services, & Restaurant POS Software MICROS RES is a complete restaurant POS software solution that adapts to the way you run your business, with tools for the back-office, restaurant operations, and guest services. This fully-integrated restaurant point-of-sale system is both powerful and flexible and helps operations within your property flow more cohesively, efficiently, and profitably. The MICROS RES point-of-sale system offers restaurants multiple solutions that are designed specifically for table and quick service operations. This comprehensive restaurant point-of-sale system also allows restaurants monitor inventory levels, streamline ordering and receiving processes, enhance the profitability of your operation with customizable reporting and analysis tools, compare operational conditions against established standards, and implement gift card and loyalty programs for guests. For owners of multiple restaurant locations, this restaurant POS software offers enterprise management. MICROS RES provides end-to-end communications throughout your operation to increase efficiency and speed service. The end result of the MICROS RES restaurant point-of-sale system is to increase customer satisfaction, maximizing their experiences at your restaurant. The similarities of MICROS RES to BMS POS system is friendly user and both system are powerful. The advantage of BMS – POS system is that, it is not a system for restaurant. The in-charge can add and view all the expenditures and can manage credits of the costumers. Source: MICROS Systems, Inc., (2003) Bar & Nightclub Point of Sale | Best Prices on Bar POS Software Cafe Cartel has been providing software. We are a software company dedicated. We have a wide range of options such as software solutions, hardware solutions, and service packages. It was like many bars, collecting hand written tabs, keeping track of orders by bartender memory, and using multiple cashiers with the same access codes for the registers. Their credit card system kept customer’s cards on hold. No real point of sale to track drink type sales, cashiers that took the orders or cocktail waitress that took orders. The functions of the system included the following: Open Tabs Management Tools Pre-Auth/ Duplicate Charge Notification Happy Hours Pricing Tools We have inclusive and exclusive tax options 3rd party liquor inventory integration such as Berg Comprehensive User-friendly Interface Easy to Setup and Use Menu Price Change and Discount Auditing Tools The similarities of this study to BMS POS system is easy to use and user friendly because all the functions are showed in the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The advantage of this system is that the BMS – POS system can add other products; the user can view all the expenses and can add credits of the costumer. Source:  ©Carlnicks. (2005) Local Related Studies Point of Sales and Inventory System In this study conducted by Ariel Magat (2002), he stated that the Inventory System of the vital to any institution, agency, or department. The proper safekeeping, processing and disposal of records play important roles in the efficient, effective and smooth operation that eventually would lead to the success attainment of the goal and objectives of institution, agency and department concerned. Based on her recommendation there should be a central record management office that will hold data of the agency to serve as locator of the record and to control the disposal of each record. This can be possible through the use of computerized system. Computer with the appropriate software package is capable of handling records efficiently and effectively. And locating records that are computerized is faster than finding them in the filling cabinet. This is Point of Sales and Inventory System developed in vb6.0. Here the purchase and sales records are entered in the software. If the customers purchase few things, the user will enter those things name and the bill is generated automatically, admin can view the transaction of selected date using search option. All types of options are entered in this software. There will be 2 types of users one is admin and other one is employee. Both have different rights. Admin can give any type of rights to the user. This software is error free. Anyone can use this software. The similarities of BMS – POS system to this study is that it can record the sales of products and the admin can view all the transaction. The advantage of BMS – POS system to this study is that it developed in  The BMS – POS can generate bill to the customers who buy products. And the BMS – POS system can only be use by the in charge and the employee. Source: Ariel Magat (2002) SBSCC Stockist basic The right inventory software can provide major time saving benefits. Free up your human resources for more profitable tasks by automating your inventory tracking. Choosing the appropriate software for your business can even help you eliminate time consuming manual processes by alerting you to which items need to be re-ordered and when. SBSCC Stockiest Basic POS – inventory software takes the guesswork out of keeping appropriate stock levels and costing. It also allows you to efficiently gather key information needed to make informed and insightful decisions. SBSCC Stockiest Basic POS business operational software specifically designed for small business owners to manage their inventory more efficiently. Now small business owners can take absolute control of their inventory/stock, purchases, sales, point of sales and returns. SBSCC Stockiest Basic POS Edition Features: Easy to use and flexible Specifically designed for small business owners. Complete inventory/stock management. Manage purchases and goods received note Manage point of sales. Print invoices, sales receipts and purchase orders. Manage customer/supplier returns Manage customer/supplier/employee contact list. Manage routine order processing and re-order level. The similarities of BMS – POS system to this study are all features of this study are the same in BMS – POS system. The advantage of BMS – POS system to this study is that it is a friendly user system. And it can manage credit of customers. Source: SBSCC, Inc. (2005)

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Contemporary Issue in Health and Social Care Essay

Introduction Social media has played and has been playing a crucial role in the development of health and social care in United Kingdom (UK). Since the emerge of the health and social care sector, social media has been performing a tremendous role as the health and social care is becoming an industry and without this industry social and economic development of UK would not be possible. This report covers the role of media for the development of health and social care. At the very beginning a snapshot of the role of media on the creation of public concern about health and social care will be discussed with evidence. The ways by which media publishes and considers about the health and social care issues will be discussed. Different perspectives of public issues regarding the health and social care will also be discussed in brief. The likely influence of different perspective on the development of service sector will also be discussed. Information relating to the health and social care that gives rise to issues of concern to the public 1.1 Information relating to health and social care to reach the public domain According to Cleland and Gareis (2006) health and social care sector is not only a sensitive one but also a crucial one for the public health. Normal people are much more concerned about the health and social care issues and almost all the time they had no information about health and social care. Mass media has come forward to solve the problem and they are almost fully successful in solving the problem regarding the information gap of the public. Side by side there are other different ways by which information relating to social and health care is transmitted to the public (Godden, 2014). Mass media like TV, Radio, newspaper, and the internet are to be attributed for the information dissemination. Besides the mass media, social media has also played a crucial role. Facebook, Twitter, and other social medi a have contributed a lot in this respect (Minniti and Moren, 2010). For example: If any new  vaccine related to Cancer is introduced, then mass media along with social media make a joint effort to disseminate the information to the cancer affected people all around UK. That is how information is disseminated about health and social issues. 1.2 Techniques to disseminate information relating to health and social care AJOL (2014) refers that dissemination of information related to health and social care is a sectorial policy taken by the UK government. There are some common methods by which health and social care information can be disseminated to the public and related parties. These most common methods are use of radios, pamphlets, television, and educational campaigns. Use of report cards and accreditation are two mechanisms that are most commonly used for the information dissemination related to the health and social care. UK citizens are very much concerned about their health and social care issues and they listen, understand, and take relative actions to apply this information for the effective and efficient health care sector (The Guardian. 2014). Use of pamphlets is one of the most effective ways to disseminate information. UK government and related ministry has also made it available through radios, televisions, and running campaigns which are educational (Minniti and Moren, 2010). For example Dissemination of information related to health and social cares is important for the education of the patients and citizens about the likely causes of Malaria and thus take strategic actions in this respect. 1.3 Ways in which information can influence the attitudes, thoughts, and behavior of people Information that is being provided are not made for something vain rather this information have a great influence on the attitudes thoughts, and behavior of the people of United Kingdom (UK). The evaluation of the information collected from different sources about health and social care and the influence of the information will be focused here (Ravasi and Schultz, 2006). Mass media has a strong liaison and this strong interpersonal relationship with different sources of information results in an unveiling of health and social care related information to the public. Common people are completely influenced by the information provided by the sources. As the sources of information has been int roduced in the previous section, it is state worthy that social and health care information has  changed the attitudes, thoughts, and behavior of common people. Mass media along with social media make people much more aware about their health and safety issues (Godden, 2014). For example: Before the invention of Facebook, any movement that had to be taken place faced great difficulty. But as Facebook grows and other mass media are getting concerned about the rights of them from the society, any nonviolent movement is taking place without such effort than previously had done (Mcclimens, et al, 2012). People are conscious about various contagious diseases and much more aware about their contribution to the society. They are also focused on their rights from the society. Their contribution to the society and the benefits they are deriving from the society are summed to take them to a balancing position or situation (AJOL, 2014). LO2 Understanding how issues of public concern related to health and social care are presented in the media 2.1 Ways in which media can be used to influence the attitudes and behavior of people in relation to health and social care issues Ravasi and Schultz(2006) Statesas it is mentioned in the previous section, mass media and social media in UK and perhaps all around the world is dedicated to the health and social care of the people. People’s attitude and behavior has changed and has been upgrading with the help of mass media especially in case of health and social care issues. Mass media is one of the main catalysts in the development of the positive attitudes and behaviors of the people. People are now much more aware of the use of social care services. They use child care services; they use more residential nursing care; they use residential care facilities and many more others (The Guardian. 2014). Conferencing is one of the ways by which mass media can be used for influencing people for their attitudes and behavior toward health and social care (The Guardian. 2014). Use of social media for the improvement of the awareness of the health and social care issues can be another way by which media can be used. For example Through different media advertising, many messages can be convened to the  public to change the attitudes about the health and social care. 2.2 Evaluation of the public assessment of the reliability and validity of media information about health and social care According to Hscic (2014) information that are being provided and published in mass media is not trustworthy always, so, the degree or magnitude of dependence on this information varies. Some media reports health and social care issues on behalf of government and they always praise the actions taken by government. Still some other media always make an evaluation of the actions taken by government in relation to health and social care issues and give their insightful recommendation. So, how people accept media information and, if accept, the degree of acceptance is a matter of great concern (Godden, 2014). People are very much concerned about the reliability and validity of the media information relating to the health and social care issues. Their dependence on the information is based on the transparency, honesty, and giving voice to the public. For example People will not be convinced if any mass media declares anything that is supernatural and about the health and social care issues. Different technical and business level factors are considered if any information is unveiled about health and social care (Csikaiand Bass2001). LO3 Being able to carry out research into different perspectives on a specific issue relating to health and social care 3.1 Research into different perspectives on a specific issue relating to health and social care According to BMJ (2014) there are many issues regarding the health and social care in United Kingdom (UK). These issues build up the different perspectives of health and social care issues. Different perspectives of the different issues of health and social sector will be discussed in this section of analysis. The most common and most influential issue of the health and social care is to meet the increased demand for services. Every government in the world has been tightening their budgets and the budget for health and social care has been decreasing at a slow pace (BMJ, 2014). One perspective of that issue of the health and social care is the budget restrictions. So, a little number of health and social care jobs are created. Another perspective is the increased number of private organizations in the social care sector like residential nursing, child day care, non-residential social care etc. (AJOL,  2014). Hardill et al (2005) States still another perspective is the less interesting issues to the students. As government makes less budget people are not so interested in developing their career in this sector. For example: It is difficult to secure a good job in the health and social care immediately after the graduation. So, employment opportunity is not created more than expected. 3.2 Monitoring of the changes of different perspectives regarding health and social care issues These different perspectives derived from the issues of health and social care have been changing with the passage of time. Change is a common phenomenon for every material of the world. So, perspectives regarding the health and social care have also been seeing a constant change as people’s attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors are changing. One issue of the health and social care is increased demand for services and different perspectives of the issue are the budget restrictions, lower employment opportunity, and uninteresting job to the graduates. These different issues have been changing with the passage of time in United Kingdom as well all around the world. One change is the increased demand for the social services. Peo ple are now most focused on the use of child day care and residential care facilities. Still another change is the emergence of the private sector in the health and social care sector (Hscic, 2014) For example People now are getting much busier and this leads to the increased demand for the social care services. Obviously, the standard of living has a positive correlation with the increased demand of the social care services. 3.3 Assessment of the relevance of the findings practically in the local arena UK has a strong health and social care sector and this sector has also been noticing a significant change as time passes. The local change in the perspectives of the issues of health and social care can also be attributed to the global change in the health and social sector (BMJ, 2014). The world’s health and social care has been seeing positive changes in recent years. Even in developed countries like India and Bangladesh, social and health care sector is about to boom. For example: In India, it is mandatory to make the life insurance at the very advent of  the birth of a child as like in the United States of America. UK is also monitoring a positive change in the health and social care sector and issues. In the local environment, people are also becoming much more aware about the services that can be expected from the government. Social care sector is observing a boom in the economy and the government is now transferring its duty to the private sector for the social services. The government is taking the position of monitoring the health and social care service institutions (Cleland and Gareis, 2006). 3.4 Factors that have influenced on the development of different perspectives According to Minniti and Moren (2010) various social and economic factors lead to the changes in the different perspectives of the issues of health and social sector. These social and economic issues affect the behavior of the people toward the development of the attitudes toward the health and social issues. Interpersonal relationship among the people also has an impact(Hscic, 2014). These factors that have a significant impact on the development of the different perspectives of the issues of the health and social sector are following here: There are different factors that lead to the development of different perspectives of the issues of the health and social care. These factors are: Life factors, environmental factors, socioeconomic factors, physical factors, social and political factors, lifestyle factors, emotional factors, etc. are different factors in the development of the different perspectives of health and social care. For example Genetic factors, physical factors, intellectual factors can be considered as factors under the life factors. The way of behaving and the cultural orientation of the society are also influential factors. These factors lead to the development of the issues of the health and social care and thus bringing changes in the community. LO4 Understanding the likely influence of different perspectives on the development of services 4.1 Analysis of the extent to which local attitudes reflect national level Local, local, and many other local attitudes make the national attitudes. So, within a country, like UK, there may have some dissimilarity among the attitudes of the people, as country is divided into many local areas and attitudes. Local attitudes make up the aggregate attitude which is national attitude. Local attitudes toward different issues and perspectives of health and  social care reflect the national level attitude. There is positive correlation between the development of local atti tude and national attitude (Cleland and Gareis, 2006) For example A survey is conducted by the NHS of UK with a question â€Å"Do you think that Britain’s health services are one of the best in the world?† 59% of the respondents replied positively whereas 33% disagree with the opinion and the remaining other said they don’t know (NHS. 2014). This example illustrates the national level attitude about the health and social care and it can be said that people are satisfied with what are being provided and the level of satisfaction is high. Health and social care sector is a sensitive sector as this sector is related to the life of the people. 4.2 Evaluation of the validity of public attitudes and behaviors in relation to a specific issue Public sometimes overact in different issues about health and social care. Their overreaction may lead to suspension of some good bills and at times which is catastrophic for the common people. In case of some specific issues public attitudes and behavior must have to be evaluated and the validity of their action will have to be measured (NHS. 2014). In the previous example it is clear that people are much more convinced about what they are getting from the government and public. Still some others reacted negatively and others made no comments on the issue. It is overreaction about the issue of health and social care. Peoples normally have positive experiences of the services being offered by NHS. NHS also makes direct communication and has strong media coverage. For example Mass media develops the public attitude toward the health and social care issues and an issue can be the â€Å"Satisfaction of the people services being offered by NHS† 26% people say that government has adopted right policies for the NHS whereas 44% says not. 54% people are satisfied with the national level services of NHS whereas 23% are not. 68% people are satisfied with the local NHS services (NHS. 2014). 4.3 Justification of the possible consequences of contemporary thinking for health and social care provision and services Csikai and Bass (2001)refers if people are not sophisticated enough and still remain in the Stone Age about the thinking of the health and social issues, these may lead to severe consequences. Thoughts which are  contemporary being replaced are by modern thoughts. One day, who knows, man would make it possible to invent the vaccines of AIDS. The most contemporary issues in the health and social care are the standards of the services in the hospitals especially for the elderly people or the senior citizens. Mass media can reflect the issues of the health and social care. One of the main consequences of the contemporary thinking about the health and social care is the education about the health and social care will be low. The contemporary attitude toward the health and social care may be catastrophic as people do not change their views about the medic and medicine as well as social services(Hscic, 2014) Conclusion There exists a positive relationship between public opinion of the issue and development of related social policy. Social media has played an important role in this regard as they are making the health and social care for the public a more interesting and concerning one. Social and health care has emerged as a prospective sector within UK and media has played a crucial role in the development of this industry. Mass media make the public aware of the need of the health and social care and health and social care is now an emerging sector in UK. The local health issues and attitudes contribute a lot to the international arena. Education of the people is important in this respect and different publication can be used for health and social care. References Online 1. NHS. (2014). Health Care in UK. Available: Last accessed 2nd March 2014. 2. The Guardian. (2014). the role of technology in integrating health and social care | live discussion. Available: Last accessed 2nd March 2014. 3. Godden, D. et. al. (2014). â€Å"Contemporary issues in rural health care† [online] available at: [accessed on 16th February, 2014] 4. AJOL, (2014). â€Å"The role of media in disseminating information† [online] available at: [accessed on 16th February, 2014] 5. Hscic, (2014). â€Å"Health and social care information center† [online] available at: [accessed on 16th February, 2014] 6. BMJ, (2014). â€Å"Reliability of health information for the public† [online] available at: <> [accessed on 16th February, 2014] Journals 1. Minniti, M. and Moren, L. (2010). â€Å"Entrepreneurial types and economic growth†, Journal of Business Venturing, 25 (3): 305-314. 2. Ravasi, D., Schultz, M. (2006), â€Å"Responding to organizational identity threats: exploring the role of organizational culture†, Academy of Management Journal, Vol.49, No.3, pp. 433–458. 3. Shane, S. and Venkataraman, S. (2000). â€Å"The Promise of Entrepreneurship as A Field of Research†, Academy of Management Review, 25(1), 217-226. Books 1. Cleland, D. I. Gareis, R. (2006). Global Project Management Handbook. â€Å"Chapter 1: â€Å"The evolution of project management†. McGraw-Hill Professional, 2006. ISBN 0-07-146045-4 2. Csikai, E. L. and Bass, K. 2001. Health care social workers’ views of ethical issues, practice, and policy in end-of-life care. Social Work in Health Care, 32 (2), pp. 1–22. 3. Hardill, I., Spradbery, J., Arnold-Boakes, J. and Marrugat, M. L. 2005. Severe health and social care issues among British migrants who retire to Spain. Ageing and Society, 25 (5), pp. 769–784. 4. Mcclimens, A., Bosworth, D., Brewster, J. and Nutting, C. 2012. Contemporary issues in the training of UK health and social care professionals—looking after people with a learning disability. Nurse education today, 32 (7), pp. 817–821.

Techniques of Comedy

Alex Moreno Theater 208 Comedy: Techniques behind the Laughter Comedy is the genre of film that makes even the saddest times bearable and gained a lot of popularity in a time when people needed a boost. Comedy is a unique form of film in its wide range of methods, and in all of these methods there is at least some of a select group of approaches. The true magic that comedy has arises from these select few techniques, that, when used properly, will never fail to generate a laugh.Comedy comes in a wide range of forms, all of which bring a laugh in different ways. There are however, a few specific categories of comedy which become classics. The most effective of these include; screwball, running gags, wit, set-up and punch line, and slap stick. While these are separate categories of comedy, they are very often used together or in other types, to successfully generate a laugh. The question is, what makes them work over and over, and the answer lies in common factors of each technique.An important factor in comedy is the script and use of dialogue. While dialogue is not equally important in all types of comedy, it is still a very effective tool in producing a great comedy. The dialogue must tie in fast pacing, wit, and comedy in order to keep an audience entertained, all while following the script in order to draw the audience in to the film, and keep them hooked. Great comedies always have exceptional dialogue that can make even the most ordinary scene, absolutely hilarious.When dialogue is used properly, it can be comedy in itself, or add to another joke. An example of this is when a main character makes a funny comment about the antagonist or another character. The actions of the other character may not be funny alone, but add some commentary and it becomes extremely funny. Overall, dialogue is not the main drive behind all comedic forms, as seen in silent films, but it is still important to modern comedy in its ability to make ordinary things funny. The next imp ortant factor of a successful comedy is the pacing.Fast pacing is the only successful way of making a comedy; the audience must always have something to generate a laugh. Audiences are fickle, and making them wait for something to happen will only cause them to lose interest. The pace must be fast enough to keep people interested, but it must also be at a pace where the audience can keep up with the action. A comedy will not be funny if the next joke starts before the audience even laughs at the last one. A great comedy must find just the right balance that will not lose the audience to boredom, or in a rush.Give the audience enough time to laugh, but don’t let them stop laughing. Another critical factor in generating a successful comedy is in the use of montage. Cutting shots between different angles helps to keep the audience interested by adding fresh perspective, the film must always be moving, and so must the camera. This is used in addition to close-ups and establishmen t shots during important sequences. A very effective method of doing this is switching shots between characters during important comedic sequences.An example of this would be a main character meant to be funny talking to one of the stagnant characters, anti-comic relief, and showing their lack of reaction to something funny done by the main character. Another method is changing the camera angles while a character has difficulty performing a task. A character struggling to carry a box through a door is funny, but gets old unless you constantly montage in order to keep the scene fresh, adding to the pace. Montage is an important factor in successful comedy because a joke needs to stay fresh in order to be funny, as does a comedy.The casting in a film is of the utmost importance, as not all people are funny in the same situations. Actors all have certain comedic roles, which they best fit into. A serious looking actor with a stern voice would not make a good goofball character. If that same actor is placed into the role of a gangster with the attitude of a child, he becomes a great comic figure. Casting is of the utmost importance as actors must fit their roles, while they have more range in comedy, they still must be believable to some degree.This can be seen by the great number of comedies where people walk out saying; it would have been funny or funnier with someone else. Casting must be done carefully in order also insure that the characters play well against each other. While a grown man acting like a child is funny at times, it becomes extremely effective when there is another character provoking them to behave that way. In the end, casting determines how the audience will react to the story, and whether jokes will be funny when coming from the selected cast. In the end all of these things tie in to make a comedic film funny.If the techniques are used properly you will create a high energy comedy that will keep the audience entertained. True classics have e verything that a comedy could need, great dialogue, fast pacing, montage, and great casting. When these techniques are used together properly, a comedy cannot fail. The basic goal of a comedy is to stay fresh, and by utilizing these techniques, even the most played out scenario can become funny all over again. Comedy has made us laugh for nearly a century, and it will continue to so long as it is kept new, fresh, and exciting.

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Rug Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Rug - Research Proposal Example Rebranding is essential in improving the company’s sales and income. Ideally, the company should focus on attracting new customers while focusing on maintaining the existing customers. The Rug Company should focus on the following plan in order to create public awareness to its products and services while also improving its awareness to the interior design industry: The company should add value to its brand awareness plan by offering special packages and services to existing and potential customers. In addition, the company should hold various events in its different cities of operations in order to create awareness to customers and its industry of operations. To develop a marketing strategy, the first requirement is for the company to affirm its current position by stating what it was offering to the clients according to their needs. In addition, the company should affirm where it wants to be and what it wants to be doing at a particular point in the future (Ashcroft 2010). Communication is an important aspect of the marketing strategy (Mullins and Walker 2013). Although the conventional mix model of the 4Ps – product, price, place, and promotion (Kotler and Armstrong 2012) – are commonly used due to their familiarity, the company should adopt the 4Cs model with a focus on Customer, Cost, Convenience, Communication (Hughes and Fill 2008). The latter model focuses on direct communication with the customer as opposed to the 4Ps, which considers the product as the primary focus in marketing (Ashcroft 2002; Cheverton 2004). The company prides itself as a rug making company that focuses on delivering quality handmade products with the finest raw materials (Sharp C. and Sharp S. n.d.). In this case, the target clients are people who value the quality of handmade material and appreciate the worth of hand-woven rugs. The company should profile its clients

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Science-Physics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Science-Physics - Essay Example Oil drilling in the ANWR (Alaska National Wildlife Reserve) is such an issue that has elicited heated debate on whether drilling of oil in this reserve should be allowed or not. Proponents of drilling have argued that drilling the oil in the reserve will secure for the US a local energy reserve, effectively reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. This they argue will reduce America’s vulnerability to sabotage by enemy states by withholding oil from her. Moreover, they say that the oil drilling will only take a small part of the 19.8 million square acres of land which was established as a reserve in 1980 by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (National Research Council, 2003). Furthermore, they say that there would be a lot of jobs created should the drilling process begin. Opponents of this venture argue that the destruction that will be caused by a drilling station will be devastating for the reserve; affecting both the plants and animals in the area immediately surrounding the well as well as causing other environmental hazards such as oil spillage and contributing to global warming, which would directly or indirectly destroy the habitat. In addition, they argue that the amount of oil that would be got has not been verified and it might prove to be so small in the long run. They also reiterate the fact that there are many other oil well like in Texas which have not been drilled but are just leased to other countries. They say these idle lands should be exploited first before destroying new lands. But by far their most convincing rebuff of drilling oil is in response to the fact that the area to be used for drilling will be a small section of the reserve accounting for less than 2% of the total reserve. They cite an example of the nearby Prudhoe Bay oil fields. The fields which were initially assumed would only occupy about 2100 acres of land

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McDonald's Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

McDonald's - Essay Example Ray Kroc saw early on what needed to be done. He changed what was at one time a product orientation, into a marketing orientation. Back in 1955, this was still a new type of management.( Kroc 185-217) From the beginning, Kroc was already in the forefront of marketing. Ray Kroc founded the McDonald's way back in 1954 that worked as a single restaurant till 1955 but soon Kroc thought upon the idea of franchise-system. By 1974 the Brand Mac has already become a name to reckon with from its first Woodwich High Street in South London. Each succeeding generation since then saw the McDonald's hype increase and permeate almost every body's life in a few decades. For such a great hype however the McDonald's cannot be held the sole responsible. The people enjoyed the freedom that the Mac provided with-a release from sheer labour of preparing the foods three-times a day. If the Mac rationalized the trend of serving, the people welcomed with even greater response. McDonald's uses a theory referred to as relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is defined as marketing to protect the customer base. The customer is viewed as an asset and the company's marketing goal is to attract, maintain, and enhance customer relationships. McDonald is facing a major attack on its brand from anti-globalisation and other pressure such as, United Poultry Concerns- ( They are going after McDonald's because they think it has deep pockets. So far the company has been able to use finical marshal to fend off attack. The litigation cases in the United States against McDonald so far has been settled out of courts and the courts have thrown out most of them. Kids represent an important demographic to marketers because they have their own purchasing power, they influence their parents' buying decisions and they're the adult consumers of the future. With this in mind, McDonald, like many other manufacturers are using various marketing and communications strategies to encourage children and adults to buy their products. The McDonald's new mantra, other than the diet is 'Go Active', 'Eat Smart' and 'Be Active'. Now Dr. Cathy Kapica and Anita Bean are more concentrating on the Happy Meal with emphasis on to keep the customers healthier, free from risks of weight gaining. McDonald's is now an organization by itself. It is 'the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world' ( Greider 13-88). It's affected all walks of life-education, work, travel, the family and every other sector. In trying to connect the brand with the consumer, McDonald has teamed up with pop star Justin Timberlake to shed 'new breath of young and coolness t' to the brand. As part of McDonald's multi-dimensional global relationship with superstar Justin Timberlake, the company announced today its sponsorship of the "McDonald's Presents Justin Timberlake lovin' it live" concert tours. McDonalds implemented the latest technology into it's business to gain more market share. McDonald's implemented a new computerized logistic system which makes it possible to transport materials, components and products with far greater speed and at much lower cost as a result of developments in road, rail, sea and air transport. These improvements in transport have also increased the amount of new subsidiaries opened

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Research movie with Negotiation theme. (movie- Paper

Movie with Negotiation theme. (movie- - Research Paper Example Its not every day, or every decade, that you get to see a film as eye opening in its timeliness The movie, which documents the heady rise and even more spectacular fall of an Internet start-up company, feels as if it had been shot through a crystal ball -- it seems to anatomize the whole debacle of the dotcom universe -- yet its remarkable prescience is more than a matter of happenstance. is a revelation not merely because a couple of smart filmmakers got lucky, hitting the news headline jackpot just as the Nasdaq nosedived, but because the film, which for sheer dramatic wallop outpowers virtually every fiction feature Ive seen this year, embodies the story of our time, the way that the collusion of money and technology has taken over our dreams. Produced by D.A. Pennebaker, and codirected by his collaborator Chris Hegedus and by a new member of the team, codirector Jehane Noujaim, the movie follows the path of two naively ambitious entrepreneurs in their late 20s. The hulky, high fiving, charismatically bullheaded Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and his nerdish, compartmentalized tech head partner, Tom Herman, have been friends since high school. As the film opens, in 1999, they pool their desire to get rich into a kind of new millennium vision quest. They bark and strategize into their cell phones, pumping up their troops with group cheers. They visit the offices of venture capitalists, raising heroic sums of cash, and they stand around a Manhattan pizza parlor, debating the name of their new company like teenage rockers trying to title their garage band. Theyre digital geek Horatio Algers, and they brandish a willed attitude of locker room swagger descended from the fast lucre Wall Street cowboys of the 80s. With much noise and fanfare, Kaleil and Tom declare their intention: They will launch, a bold new website designed to link people up to local municipalities. In essence, this comes down to a

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History Questions (1st World War, Socialism, French Revolution) Essay

History Questions (1st World War, Socialism, French Revolution) - Essay Example The topic on discussion was a possible war with Russia, and Britain, considering their military development, and reconstruction. The council was of the opinion that, Serbia would attack Austria, and they will get the support of the Russians. Austria being an ally of Germany, Germany would be forced to defend Austria, on this note, war was inevitable (Hobson, 310. The council resolved that the war should start immediately. On this note, the assignation of the arch duke of Austria was just a catalyst, since this war was decided on December 8th of 1912. Germany was also responsible for its own defeat in the war.German entered into the war with inadequate military facilities that could match that of Britain, France and Russia. During the war council of 1912, Admiral Tirpitz, the head of the German Navy asked for the postponement of the war, because the navy was not adequately prepared to fight in the war, especially if Britain was enjoined (Hobson, 31). This is because of the Triple ente nte treaty which comprised of Britain, France and Russia. The Navy wanted to build widen the Kiev Canal, and construct a u boat system, that had the capability of matching the facilities of the British Navy. On this note, Germany entered into war ill prepared, in terms of the machineries and equipment’s of the war. The main ideas of Karl Marx are capitalism, and he defines as a system in which the rich accumulate resources at the expense of the population. According to Karl Marx, the Society is divided between the bourgeois, the proletariat and the masses. He states that the Bourgeois are the owners of capital, and the society is run by them. According to Karl Marx, the Bourgeois employ the proletariat to carter for their needs (Hobson, 41). The proletariats are the managers of the various investments of the Bourgeois, and they are paid a salary to carter for their education, health and family wellbeing. The masses are people who do not have skills that they can use for survi val in the society. They are poor and hopeless, on this note Karl Marx observes that it is important to establish communalism in a state, because it will carter for the interests of all members of the State. It will limit the excesses of the bourgeois in exploiting the proletariats and the masses. These thoughts by Karl Marx were developed on the basis of the conflict that arose in the society due to economic and financial problems. Karl Marx observed the relationship between the owners of companies, and their workers. He analyzed their relationships, and noted that there was a conflict between these workers and their employers, and he therefore developed a critique of capitalism. Charles Darwin on the other hand believed that living organism strive to exist, and any feature within their possession that affects their survival and reproductive capability must subject itself to a continuous selective process. This idea emanated from his

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Reflective log on communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Reflective log on communication - Essay Example In his writing The Reflective Practitioner, How Professionals Think In Action, Basic Books, Schon highlight the significance of building a reflective dialog in all the environments. As cited by a number of authors, reflective practices are very important tool in today’s world especially in communication and interaction. Managers, leaders and team members encounter a number of challenges while dealing with their customers, clients, staff, and competitors. Besides, the environments of operation usually pose another great threat to the success of managers. For instance managers in the insurance industry embattles with reflective challenges in handling the claims of their clients. Internal staff control is another big shoe for managers as they try to bring together unity and profitability within the working environment. For a corporation to remain profitable and competitive, sales volume is a critical tool. However, achieving the company’s sales target entails conducting an d evaluating the potential customer base, satisfaction and customizing individual needs of the potential clients. Reflective practice is therefore an essential tool in achieving the above mentioned goals. Reflective log practice helps in analyzing clients’ needs and demands. ... A number of models have been proposed to explain the concepts of reflective practices. Schon (1974, p.56) Double Loop Learning) identified single loop and double loop as the most common forms of reflective learning. The theory was founded on amendments and recognition of perceived errors or faults. In the single loop reflective learning, in a more error prone period, companies only embarks on depends on their current strategies to tackle the company crisis and challenges. Double loop learning covers for personalized objectives, goals and strategies which are very comprehensive. It entails problem solving techniques, outsourcing the cause of the problem, advancing prevention mechanism, and making recommendations on possible future strategies for the company prospect. Adaptation of the single and double loop learning model by Argyris and Schon Schon introduced the concept of Reflection-in-action and Reflection-on-action in later time. Reflection-in-action can be explain as the ability of a practitioner to ‘think on their feet’, when there are the problem, thinking ahead, making analyzing, base on my experiencing to getting the point of view in it, after all process to making critically responding. Reflection-on-action on the other hand is the idea that after the experience a practitioner analyses their reaction to the situation and explores the reasons around, and the consequences of, their actions. This is usually conducted though a documented reflection of the situation. Adaptation of the reflective model by Schon Learning log table: (Case Study) Communication Breakdown in an Organization Title Sep 2012 conflict with claims department Meeting with my subordinate -The client apply a medical claims when who is out of

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Science on television and in film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Science on television and in film - Essay Example Mass media, especially television, printed media and the Internet benefits from the misunderstanding, superstitions and fears of general public who live in the world that is completely dependent on science and on scientific achievements. Television, as the most influential and powerful part of mass media, uses initial desire of a person to get information about surrounding world. As Carl Sagan , the famous astronomer and advocate of popular science, once mentioned: "children are natural-born scientists, inherently curious about the world around them and the way things work". It is the way we often encountered science in the classroom that seemed to turn many people off to science, he contended. (Sharon Dunwoody, Sharon M. Friedman, Carol L. Rogers, 180) Media started to involve general public in its nets long ago. In 1686, in a French speaking Entretiens sur la pluralit des mondes, there were recognized the need to satisfy both 'la gens du monde' and 'les savants'. Only in the next fifty years, this specification of public tended to develop more and more into two different orders of discourse: one for the scientists, the other one for the educated public. By the end of the following century, this second language had already focused on specific and paradigmatic audiences: women (as 'symbols of ignorance, goodwill, curiosity') for instance, through periodicals like The Ladies' Diary and books like Il Newtonianesimo per le dame by Francesco Algarotti (1752) or L'Astronomie des dames by Joseph Jrome Lefranois de Lalande (1785) (A. R. Hall, 339). It is only since the second half of the nineteenth century, however that one can really talk of 'large scale' communication of science explicitly addressed by its authors not just to specific a udiences but also to the general public ('grand public').Nowadays there are a lot of television programs and channels in that or this way linked with science. National Geographic, Nova, Discovery and TV communication tools are good examples. The another example are the Jacques Cousteau's discoveries, they were devoted exactly to the problem of doing science, and the programs were done in an interesting manner, attracting spectators. The usual composition of a Jacques Cousteau's program was: identification of problem, a hypothesis for the problem solution, and then action, live solution of the problem. There are also other programs, broadcast on educational channels, their distinguishing feature is that they represent science fairly, but at the same time they have very limited audience comparing to above-mentioned channels and programs.There are some peculiarities of science on TV; they are mentioned in the book of Jane Gregory and Steve Miler. The argument of the authors is that tel evision moving away from traditional scientific exposition and using popular culture one. All scientific stories on television have heroes and sometimes villains, plots, denouements, beginnings, middles, and ends, these all means that scientific stories transforms to dramatic. Jane Gregory and Steve Miler turn to media studies of professor Roger Silverstone, who determines a tension between the storytelling aspect of television science and the need for a realistic representation of the scientific processes at work. Jane Gregory and Steve Miler descried a typical TV scientific program like one that start with a problem, set out mimetically in terms of "what were, and what killed, the dinosaurs" and

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Write a 4 page essay based on the question provided

Write a 4 page based on the question provided - Essay Example There are many in the â€Å"hard† scientific communities that argue that philosophy is obsolete as a whole and has been essentially unchanged for 2000 years (Andersen 1). They feel the considerations of philosophy as a science are rendered useless in the face of modern scientific awareness and technological advancements. They no longer see a place for philosophers like, Machiavelli, Socrates, Locke, and Hobbes. However, there are others who feel quite differently. Philosophy is still relevant and perhaps even more relevant in this modern technological age. Each of the philosophers mentioned has contributed greatly to the discussion of the human experience and remains relevant today. Machiavelli, for example, was a reluctant philosopher, perceiving himself as a historian and an academic. All the same his writings, concepts, perspectives, and ideas have sparked many a philosophical debate, be it to support his perspectives or to refute them. The term â€Å"Machiavellian† was coined in his honor to reference someone who cleverly excels in Machiavelli’s preferred areas; ethics, politics, and psychological phenomena (Nederman ). Socrates is a fascinating character of philosophical history; he remains somewhat of a mystery to scholars. He was an oral philosopher who wrote nothing in his lifetime, but developed and changed philosophy forever. Socrates was the first to openly discuss the possibility that the pantheon of Grecian deities might not be responsible for all of the events that occur in the world. This non-theological a pproach to philosophy was considered heretical to the Athenian courts. Socrates was found guilty of crimes against Greece and sentenced to death for his philosophies. It was this sacrifice in the name of free thinking that spawned much philosophical debate and discussion over the years (Nails). John Locke focused much of his

Genetically Modified Foods Essay Example for Free

Genetically Modified Foods Essay The world is slowly running out of food. Impoverished people have nowhere to turn. Biotechnology researchers think they have found a way to reverse the world famine. This way is through genetically modified foods which are foods that come from genetically engineered organisms. Examples of such organisms are sheep, cows, and fish. However, since it is a new invention, it is being met with harsh and legitimate concerns. While it may help the world’s food crisis, it may also do that at the expense of human health. Moreover, In the 90’s in the USA, the Food and Drug Administration decided that genetically modified food was safe and did not require special regulation. They stated that is was, â€Å"not inherently dangerous. † (FDA, 1998). This allowed genetically modified food such as soybean oils and tomatoes to enter the market. There are lots of ideas about the GMF. Some scientists say that it is no harmful affects of GMF and it may be a solution for scarcity of food and even it is healthy. However, some others say that GMFs are dangerous for public health. And It can damage biodiversity. Genetically modified foods may be a good solition to increase the amount of food. The problem is there are lots of people go to sleep hungry everyday and the number of hungry people is getting bigger. And International Food Policy Research Institute state there are â€Å"120 devoloping countries† which are very close to limit of hunger and â€Å"57 of which with a serious or worse hunger situation. (Global Hunger Index, 7) The reason of this hunger is there is not enough food to feed them and because the world population is getting higher but the areas which use in farming are getting smaller. Farmers could not find suitable area to plant their crops. That is why, They have to find a different solution to be productive. Conko argues that biotech agriculture is the method by which we can increase agricultural productivity without resorting to increases in harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. In the Genetic Modification it says that genetic modification provides a means to confer resistance to broad-spectrum herbicides into crops where current weed control is considered difficult. In this way, farmers can be more productive and they can get more product on their fields. â€Å"In the United States, in 2002 about 5. 5 million farmers in 145 nations were planting more than 145 million acres worth of GM crops. † (Conko) On the other hand, genetically modified herbicide tolerant crops might have a negative impact on biodiversity. Genetically Modified crops have an impact on birds and insect. A crop plant modified to be toxic to insect pests can have a direct harmful effect on non-target insects if they eat the plant. It can also have an indirect effect by reducing the insects that are a food source for other wildlife, such as farmland birds. Genetically Modified crops that are tolerant to herbicides could also lead to a reduction in weed populations that act as refuges for beneficial insects, and those that are eaten by birds. This process takes time because of this GM crops evaluate as a good solution but it can destroy the biological diversity. And US conservation organization Royal Society,founded in London In 1660 is a learned society for science, support it. They state that the likelihood of the spread of Genetically modified into the wild populations, the risk of superweeds being produced, the impact Genetically modified introductions might have on the colonies of micro organisms living in the soil and how such risks can be assesed and analysed. Also John Innes Centre, Founded in England is an independent centre for research and training in plant and microbial science, state that Monarch butterfly larvae fed only on leaves covered in pollen from Bt corn grew more slowly and suffered higher death rates and pink bollworm fed on cotton producing the Bt toxin. Aphids fed on Genetically Modified potatoes producing a different toxin were also reported to have a harmful effect on ladybirds feeding on the aphids. Genetically Modified crops can be beneficial for health in terms of their food value. Foods include lots of vitamins which are necessary to our body. In early days, our foods were full of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrate and they were occupied with value. However, now there are not enough foods which are full of value. Because there are lots of environmental factors like global warming which causes to summers takes long time, and scarcity of water, and also some pests. These factors effect the crops and farmers have to use pesticide and this cause to decrease food value. And it leads lots of health problems. And the one of the most important health problem is Vitamin A deficiency. This is the cause of at least â€Å"1 million childhood deaths† each year and is â€Å"considered the single most serious cause of blindness amongst children† in the developing countries. â€Å"A possible solution to this problem is the genetic modification of rice. † ( Potrykus, quoted inGenetic Modification) Although GM foods are benefical for the food value, in some circumstances, it can be very harmful for human health. Without too much control eating genetically modified food can be dangerous and it can lead lots of diseases like Eosonophil Myalgia Syndrome. In this debate, the Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology, is a website to educate the general public about genetic engineering in general and foods, revealed that After eating a food supplement produced by genetically engineered bacteria, â€Å"37 persons were killed 1500 people were permanently disabled† in the US in a disease called Eosonophil Myalgia Syndrome. It was caused by one or more extremely poisonous substances that unexpectdedly appeared in this food supplement. This accident confirms the predictions of molecular biologists that genetic engineering can cause the appearance of dangerous unexpected substances. As a Conclusion, there are lots of arguments in the GMF. Maybe It can be a solution for lots of problems, maybe it can be invention of the this century. I think, however, without too much researching about GMF we cannot use it to gain profit. Because human health is important than anything. We have to more careful. In the future, After very deep research about the GMF, we can solve the sustanibility problem.

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Ethical Issues in Geriatric Service Organizations

Ethical Issues in Geriatric Service Organizations LINA DIAZ Common ethical issues and conflicts experienced by managers and practitioners of geriatric service organizations and recommend alternative measures to remove or minimise such ethical dilemmas and conflicts experienced by managers and practitioners of geriatric organizations. Actual and potential conflict of interest between family members, professional There are common ethical issues and conflicts experienced by health professionals and managers of geriatric service organizations. Ethical consideration rendering for elderly patients, no matter what the age, if they are able to make health decision for themselves, then they should receive the right to do without being pressured. If they are incapable of doing it then the relatives will make such decision. In the world of the elderly, ethical issues are greatly important because they are very vulnerable. In such, that elderly are taken advantage of their rights as patients. The ethical issue, dilemmas involve the elderly and those healthcare provider or family members. The team of caregiver needs to form a group to provide a better care, to enhance the quality of care, and quality of life. Ethics and morality are not equivalents. Although ethics is frequently study of morals, for the elderly and their healthcare providers, ethics means two different things. For the elderly, ethics is about how they want to be treated and allowed to make their own decisions. For family members as caregivers, ethics is about doing what is right even when no one is looking. For professionals providing eldercare, ethics is about adherence to established canons of ethics promulgated by organizations. There are common Ethical issues in the eldercare providers. The Actual Conflicts of Interest, several conflicts of interest may arise when family members and professional caregivers assist or represent the elderly. Conflicts involving spouses and their wishes versus the elder’s wishes and interest; conflicts involving family members from different generations and their wishes versus the elders interest; conflicts involving a fiduciary (such as a guardian, conservator or agent under a power of attorney) who may have interest different than elder; and conflicts involving the care provider’s business interest versus the elder interest, wellbeing and quality of life. The Poten tial, Future or Perceived Conflicts of Interest, are those which are not actual conflicts when rendering assistance to the elder’s. For instance, a power of attorney is prepared by the elder’s attorney and signed by the elder to give his son the power to manage all his business affairs when the elder could not. At this point there is a potential conflict of interest. Later, after the elder is actually incapacitated, the son as agent seeks legal counsel concerning strategy that could impoverish the elder by transferring the assets to the son. The potential conflict has now become a conflict of interest. Social workers should be alert and avoid conflicts of interest that inhibit the exercise of professional discretion and impartial judgment. Clients should be inform in potential conflicts arises and assist to resolve the issue that protect the client interest. Ethical Issues and the Elderly Confidentiality Confidentiality issues is one the hardest things to learn by many healthcare providers and how to maintain patient confidentiality. Privacy maybe invaded and confidentiality violated by revealing information that can be used to expose a client to unwanted response from healthcare provider. Issues form the client cannot discuss with our family, friends or spouse. Yet, in reality it happen, even it is illegal unless it is done with great discretion to protect the client’s identity. Under the law, we need to ask permission from the client about discussing clients care even with his own family. There are some other privacy issues that caused health care institution to rearrange offices, designate waiting areas and sign in sheets to protect the privacy and identity of the patients. Trust is very essential part in establishing relationship between caregiver and clients. Patients need to know that they can discuss sensitive information with their health provider in a safe condition. However, there are some issues such as public health issues like Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, sexually transmitted disease and communicable disease which require reporting. Being a health care provider, confidentiality is very important to practice, discussing with colleague, we need to make sure that others cannot hear the conversation or identify a patient. The records and charts of the patients must be kept confidential in legal terms. It should protect the information and responsibly share the information to trusted one. Yet there are rare circumstances, such as when a court order has been issued, wherein a physician may be legally obligated to disclose information without the patient’s signature. Similarly, a physician might have a duty to warn, if it is believed that a patient poses an obvious threat to other individuals. The health care provider should avoid disclose any personal and medical information that has been entrusted to them by the patients. When a pa tient’s private information is shared, there is the expectation that health care providers will keep the information in confidence. This may include patient’s diagnosis, history of illness, drug use, and family history. The importance of confidentiality to elderly patients should not be overlooked. Although health care team, family and friends might assume that these concepts are unimportant to an elderly patient, the patient might not agree. A competent patient should expect that information share with the health care provider will kept confidential. Confidentiality Issues Ethics Programs Decision-making capacity of the elderly Decision making capacity and competency in the elderly, the number of older adults with cognitive impairment has increased. There is growing need for assessments to identify their decision making capacity and competence. The importance of assessing decision making capacity is respecting the values and interests of older adults. It is necessary to ensure that intervention improve care for all older adults. However, issues related to capacity to consent raise many difficult questions that must address. Assessing the decision making abilities of understanding, appreciation, reasoning, and expressing a choice is very important. Assessing competency becomes increasingly critical when the patients wish id to forego a life-saving procedure. Supporting patient’s choice regardless of the outcome of that decision is an important part of patient advocacy and therefore an important component of patient care. Decision Making Capacity

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Islamic Banking in Malaysia | Research Introduction

Islamic Banking in Malaysia | Research Introduction Chapter 1 Introduction Background of Studies Islamic Banking is a banking system that based on Islamic Law (Shariah). It follows the Shariah, called fiqh muamalat (Islamic rules on transactions). The rules and practices of fiqh muamalat came from the Quran and the Sunnah, and other secondary sources of Islamic law such as opinions collectively agreed among Shariah scholars (ijma), analogy (qiyas) and personal reasoning (ijtihad). The main principles of Islamic banking are the prohibitions of interest (usury) in all transactions, the undertaking business and trade activities must be based on fair and legitimate profit and the prohibitions of monopoly and hoarding. By doing so, Islamic banks will safeguard the Islamic communities and societies from activities that are forbidden in Islam. Islamic Banking is one of the fast growing banking industries today, many institutions have stepped into this multi-billion dollar booming industry by establishing its Islamic wings and units. Thus it may have a good prospect in the future. Introduction Islamic banks have been operating like other traditional banks about four decades. Like another conventional or commercial bank, they also mobilize deposits and granting loan to other. However, there are some different between Islamic bank and conventional or commercial bank. Islamic bank running the business based on Islamic Law (Shariah). Besides, Islamic banking also prohibited the transactions based on interest rate. Beyond the above distinct, Islamic bank are similar with conventional or commercial bank as the products and services provided are the same. Generally, we can define the Islamic bank as a non-interest based financial institution, which complies fully with Islamic Laws and has creative and progressive financial engineering to offer efficient and competitive banking, investment, trade finance, commercial and real estate financing services (AbdulQawi, O. and O. Lynn, 2001.) Islamic Banking is now one of the worlds largest faster-growing economic sectors, comprising over 300 institutions over 75 countries. Islamic Banking refers to a system of banking, which is following the Islamic Law or Sharia principles and guided by Islamic economics. In Islamic banking, the collection and payment of interest (also commonly called Riba is prohibited. In general, Islamic law also prohibits people from trading in financial risk because is seen as a form of gambling. Besides, investing in businesses that are considered as haram also prohibited in Islamic law. Various Concepts of Islamic Financial Products Profit sharing financial products Musyarakah (partnership/ joint venture) Involve 2 or more parties. All parties invest their money in a business. Distribution of profit will be shared according to the agreed ratio. Losses will be borne by all parties (share the losses on the basis of their equity participation). Mudharabah (profit sharing) There is an agreement between capital provider and entrepreneur. Capital provider provides money for an entrepreneur to carry out a business. Profit will be shared in profit sharing based or pre-profit ratio (Variable rate). Losses have to bear by capital provider of the fund. Qardhul Hassan (benevolent loan) Interest free loan Need to repay the principal amount borrowed plus an extra amount at borrowers borrower ¡Ã‚ ¯s absolute discretion (as token of appreciation) Example: Amanah Ikhtian Malaysian (AIM) The Bank may use an appropriate proportion of the funds at its disposal for what may be considered as the discharge of its social responsibilities through loans to truly deserving customers for worthy economic projects with the underlying objective of support and assistance. The borrower is obliged under Syariah to repay only the principal amount of the loan according to its terms and conditions. The Bank cannot demand the borrower to pay anything apart from the principal amount of the loan, although in Syariah it is desirable that the borrower does so at his/her own discretion. Wakalah (nominating another person to act) A situation A person nominates another person to act on his behalf. Hawala Bill of exchange, promissory note, cheque or draft. Example: a debtor passes on the responsibility of payment of his debt to a third party who owes the former a debt. Thus the responsibility of payment is ultimately shifted to a third party. A mechanism for settling international accounts, by book transfers. This obviates, to a large extent, the necessity of physical transfer of cash. Advance purchase financial products Murabahah (cost plus) Short term loan Involve in asset buying Bank buys it and sells it back to you when it is mature. The price will include a profit margin as agreed to by both parties. (Cost + profit margin) It is similar to housing loan. Payment can pay back in lump-sum or monthly payment and the period of paying back is set by the borrower. Istisna (Progressive Financing) A contract of acquisition of goods by specification or order where the price is paid progressively in accordance with the progress of a job. Ijarah (leasing) Leases equipment, building or other facility At an agreed rental against a fixed charge (agreed by both parties) Deposit products Wadiah Yad Dhamanah (savings with guarantee) For safekeeping or saving purpose. Wadiah is a Trust which means that the depositor must trust the depository. Bank (depository) act as trustee Depository becomes the guarantor who needs to guarantee repayment of deposit. There is no interest t be provided. Depository has provided the return to a depositor as token of appreciation. Return (profit) given based on profit sharing (Fixed rate) Mudharabah Deposit products based on revenue-sharing between depositor and bank, including saving products that can be withdrawn any time and time deposit products. Qard al-Hasanah Unremunerated deposit products, usually for charitable purposes. Insurance products Takaful Islamic insurance with joint risk-sharing History The first modern experiment with Islamic banking was undertaken in Egypt under cover without projecting an Islamic image to avoid of being seen as a manifestation of Islamic fundamentalism that was anathema to the political regime. The pioneering effort, led by Ahmad Elnaggar, took the form of a savings bank based on profit-sharing in the Egyptian town of Mit Ghamr in 1963. This experiment lasted until 1967 (Ready 1981), by which time, there were nine such banks in the country. In 1972, the Mit Ghamr Savings project became part of Nasr Social Bank which, until the date, is still in business in Egypt. In 1975, the Islamic Development Bank was set up with the mission to provide funding to projects in the member countries. The first modern commercial Islamic bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, opened its doors in 1975. In the early years, the products offered were basic and strongly founded on conventional banking products, but in the last few years the industry is starting to see strong development in new products and services. Islamic Banking is growing at a rate of 10-15% per annum and with signs of consistent future growth (Islamic Banks and Financial Stability: An Empirical Analysis, 2008). Islamic banks have more than 300 institutions spread over 51 countries. The earliest form of Islamic Banking in Malaysia was set up by Perbadanan Wang Simpanan Bakal-Bakal Haji (the Pilgrims Management and Fund Board) in 1963. This institution was set up for Muslim to save and assist them to perform a pilgrimage in Makkah as well as to encourage them to participate in investment opportunities and economic. While the first Islamic bank established in Malaysia was Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) which commenced operations on 1 July 1983. The government of Malaysia had introduced a systematic process to implement a proper Islamic financial system among the people in Malaysia. The first phase is the period of familiarization during year 1983-1992, and this is the time that Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad established. During this period, BIMB has developed itself as one of the most respectable financial institutions in the country, and been listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) on 17th January 1992. The second phase was happened in year 1993-2003. In these ten years, the government on Malaysia was aimed on creating a more conducive environment for competition among the banks and give banks to try to capture the market share. During year 1993, the conventional banks were allowed to offer Islamic banking services by setting up Islamic windows or Islamic banking scheme (IBS) to attract the public especially Muslim to involved in. The third phase that commenced from 2004 was the period of further financial liberation. At this time, the government gives the opportunities to foreign Islamic banks to operate in our country by issuing a license to them. Malaysia is the first country that implements dual banking that Islamic banking system and conventional banking system operate side by side. Problem Statement The Islamic banking nowadays is gaining rapidly and going popularity. Many local and foreign banks in Malaysia are offered and open special Islamic Banking counter. In this research, I will focus on the performance, problems and prospect of Islamic banking in Malaysia. There are lots of issues about Islamic banking in Malaysia, such as public acceptance, factors of selection toward the services and products, risk management and others. This will be discussed in the next chapter which is literature review. Even the Islamic banking has been introduced in our country over 20 years, but there still have to meet some problem. Based on the above, the research problems are listed as below: Lack of knowledge among public about the prospect of Islamic banking in Malaysia Lack of understanding about Islamic banking makes the people do not involve in it. Islamic banking has a different risk profile than the conventional bank due to the Islamic prohibited of interest. Public acceptances of Islamic banking are not strong. Research Objective To study the problems and performance of Islamic Banking in Malaysia Islamic Banking has emerged as a new reality in the international financial scene since the 1970s and has been established in Malaysia over 20 years. The emergence of Islamic banking is often related to the revival of Islam and the desire of Muslims to live in all aspects of their life in accordance with the teachings of Islam. This paper is designed to study about the performance of Islamic banking and determine how well it. To analyze the prospect and growth of Islamic Banking in Malaysia Islamic banking has a significant growth in Malaysia. Many local banks as well as foreign banks are now providing Islamic banking and finance services to the public. The factors that determine the prospect and growth need to be studied. As a country that consisted of a dual banking system, Malaysia plays an important role as an example to other countries on how to maintain this kind of banking system. This may give the opportunities to Islamic banking to expand and continue to growth. To find out the public acceptance and awareness of Islamic Finance Product among Malaysian The public acceptance is playing an important role to determine the succession of Islamic banking in Malaysia. Most of the people are dealing with the conventional banking because the interest rate provides a constant return for the customers. Islamic banking advocate interest free makes people think that there is no return by invest their money in Islamic banking services and products. Thus the public acceptances need to be raised as this will only bring a good prospect and future for Islamic banking industry. To study the factor influence the selection of Islamic Banking. Currently Islamic bank strategically offering high quality products and services to satisfy their customers due to the strong competition, a customer expectations for high quality services and rapidly changes of technology. Factors that are reflecting to customers perception and satisfaction on Islamic Banking need to be investigated. This study hope to analyze and determine the perception, quality of services, availability of services, confidence in bank and social and religious perspective about the Islamic banking system. Scope of Studies The scope of studies of this research paper is a focus on the problems, performance and prospect about Islamic banking industry in Malaysia. This paper also introduces various Islamic financial contracts provided and give a briefly describe about the products and services. Besides, this research also discussed about the factors of selection on Islamic banking and some current issues through the literature review. Organization of Research This research is divided into three sections, which includes: The use of literature review to find out what is the current situation about Islamic banking industries. By review these journals, I can easily identify the performance, problems and prospect about Islamic banking industry in Malaysia. This would be the first part of research. After this step, a framework will be developed and to understand the variables. Once the framework is being done, a questionnaire will be created to understand the revolution and the impact of Internet Banking for the users. This questionnaire will then be distributed for results. The third part of the research will be analyzing if the results of questionnaires scientifically and come with conclusions and reasons of particular happening. Once this is being done, then we will formulate various measures that could be done to make the situation more favourable.

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Good User Interface :: essays research papers

A Good User Interface Introduction   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The majority of today ¡Ã‚ ¦s businesses use the internet to expand their customer base. However, there are several companies who will publish their site on the World Wide Web, before reviewing its user friendliness. And in doing so, they may be losing a customer, due to the poorly designed aspects of that web interface. So, what makes a website a good user interface? Which sites are examples of this, and which sites are not? In the following information, there will be descriptions, benefits, and examples of both types of interfaces.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The most important aspect of a user friendly site is the speed of loading the site. For some new surfers, a fast internet connection does not exist. Therefore, it is important to limit the graphics on a web site. Those sites that fill the home page with mostly graphics and images, may find their potential client dropping the page at 50%. An example of such a site is the following wedding photography site: Its home page contains mostly digital pictures which take a while to load, before the end user can view what the photographer has to offer. Obviously, a photographer ¡Ã‚ ¦s web site should contain images of their work. However, the requirement would have been better accomplished by limiting the digital images to a link off of the home page as opposed to the opening page. In doing so, a potential customer would be able to open the home page to learn what services are offered, package pricing, and the studio location, prior to becoming impatient, thus moving onto another photographers site.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  A website with a well-designed layout is also important to users. It is their window to view what the company has to offer. If the website ¡Ã‚ ¦s layout and appearance is confusing and inefficient, most customers will simply go elsewhere. According to KarenHolman, Information Specialist for Outreach Communications and Technology,  ¡Ã‚ §A good web site puts the needs of its users first.  ¡Ã‚ § Her site lists the following recommendations for attaining this goal „ «Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Know your audience: Who is the end user for the site? „ «Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Satisfy the users' basic questions: Is the information complete and up to date? „ «Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Content remains king: The content answers questions, has no spelling and punctuation errors, is dated and signed, and contains a contact. „ «Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Page Design: Loads quickly, presents information in first one or two pages, and limits special effects. „ «Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Working links: Links are tested regularly to ensure they are working.

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mussolini Essay -- essays research papers

The first World War left the entire world in a state of chaos, suffrage as well as separation; this was all mainly centred in Europe. The European countries were most effected by this war because it was so close to home. Italy, being such a new country saw these effects in an extreme way. The already regionalised country became more and more separated and saw all the crippling societal results of this war. Benito Mussolini was able to capitalize on the state the country found itself in. Mussolini and his fascist ideals were able to overthrow Italy and turn it into a dictatorship and lead it into the second World War behind Hitler’s Germany. Mussolini was able to successfully turn Italy into a dictatorship under a fascist regime because of the country’s internally divided war-torn society as well as the weak state of Italy’s minority governments which could not unite to oppose fascism and finally because of his ability to appeal to this country through a false sen se of security and nationalism. In the troubled postwar period Mussolini organized his followers in the Fasci di combattimento, which advocated aggressive nationalism as well as violently opposed the communists and socialists. Amid strikes, social unrest, and parliamentary breakdown, Mussolini preached forcible restoration of order and practised terrorism with armed groups. In 1921 he was elected to parliament and the National Fascist party was officially organized. Backed by nationalists and propertied interests, in October 1922, Mussolini sent the Fascists to March on Rome . King Victor Emmanuel III permitted them to enter the city and called on Mussolini to form a cabinet. This created the fascist regime under Mussolini. The fascist regime turned society into individuals who would just obey and distrust reason as well as understand violence as an essential tool to order. Ideally the country would transform into a totalitarian state; where the government would have total control over the lives of individuals and this would mean that anything is justified if it serves the states ands. Fascism emphasized victory, glorified war, is cruel to the weak, and is irrational and intolerant. Mussolini used the condition of the country to his advantage in his journey to becoming the dictator of Italy. Italian fascism had at least four principal phases. Until 1925, it was political action seeking an ideolog... ...inent invasion by the Allies of the Italian mainland at last caused a rebellion within the Fascist party. In July, 1943, the Fascist grand council refused to support his policy-dictated by Hitler- and the king dismissed him and had him placed under arrest. He was freed two months later by a daring German rescue party and became head of the Fascist puppet government set up in Northern Italy by Hitler. Italy unlike the rest of Europe was greatly affected by the first World War and the state that the country was left in made it vulnerable to the extremist view of Mussolini and was easily transformed into a dictatorship and lead into a fateful alliance with Germany. Mussolini and his fascist ideals were able to overthrow Italy and turn it into a dictatorship and lead it into the second World War behind Hitler’s Germany. Mussolini was able to successfully turn Italy into a dictatorship under a fascist regime because of the country’s internally divided war-torn society as well as the weak state of Italy’s minority governments which could not unite to oppose fascism and finally because of his ability to appeal to this country through a false sense of security and nationalism.