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Letter to Undertake an International Relation Course - 275 Words

Letter to Undertake an International Relation Course in a University (Essay Sample) Content: Lastname FirstnameProfessorCourseDate: 28th April 2016Admission EssayI am writing to apply for a Bachelor Degree program in International Relation in your University, a field that I have the passion for, and it is also my field of interest. A degree program from this prestigious University will be my opening door to help me acquire good knowledge and also help many people and nations develop good international relations hence promoting growth and development.I am an outstanding person interested in politics as I have a grown up in a family that has been interested in politics as it is a way of increasing development and fighting for people rights. Regarding my interest in the field of International Relations, I spent one year abroad in Australia whereby I understood their culture and also interacted with them. The exposure granted me the aspiration for International Relations as I realized that it is the only way to enhance harmony among people of different nations.Be ginning my career in International Relations, I was a guest auditor in Latrobe University in International Relations a school exchange to Argentina. The exposure made me appreciate the program, and it is my passion to learn more about International Relations. I have the aim to join in research projects together with other experts in the field so that I can strengthen my knowledge and skills in the area.Based on my interest to get information, I always keep myself up to date with the current happenings of different nations. I like watching the news as it is a way of helping me understand the challenges affecting people and the methods to create solutions to those problems.I also have the interest in law as I studied Law for one year where my favorite unit was in International law. International law was my choice as it was a tool for me ...

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Saint Augustine s Confessions A Diverse Mix Of...

Saint Augustine’s Confessions are a diverse mix of autobiography, philosophy, and interpretation of the Christian Bible. Born and raised in Thagaste, in eastern Algeria, he has two sisters and a brother name Navigius. His father, Patricus, a small landowner and an official of the local government is still a pagan. Monica, his mother is a devout Christian. Augustine starts off by praising to God and that it is the natural desire of all men. However, Augustine does not have a lot of knowledge about God because he felt that he is too weak and powerless for God to come to him and help him. All throughout his life, he was very educated. Yet he made a lot of sins from birth through adulthood. Such as crying and tantrums of infancy; boyhood†¦show more content†¦As a â€Å"doctor† of the Church, he defended Christianity against false (heretic) interpretation. After his conversion, he refused to teach rhetoric. Yet, in the end, no matter what sin he had done, he found h is savior which is God. Augustine then writes about how to convey God’s truth to diverse audiences and demonstrates that both the Bible and one’s own life are texts to be read and assessed against the true Cristian Doctrine. The last four books offer an interpretation of the opening of the Book of Genesis. As mention before when Augustine’s converted to Christianity his appropriation of Platonic ideas uses his past sins and later confesses to God. This will eventually enhance his mind and soul. The consequences of this appropriation are that sins can be ‘pleasurable’ which will tremendously affect Augustine’s life. Saint Augustine’s all truth is God who speaks through the Bible. All throughout his younger years, he admits that he had done a lot of sins. But the one thing he kept on repeating was the sin about the pear tree. Many people might wonder why Augustine makes such a major ordeal about it, yet this act denotes an important moment in Augustine s life. This is the first of his wrongdoings that he can recall. It is also the start of everything. He does not really do it for any reason since he’s not by any means starving, and doesn’t eat the pears. So this act is really an entirely vile occasion and will eventually create more sins

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Charity Organization, The Giving Pledge Essay - 610 Words

1. Explain what â€Å"The Giving Pledge† is, and give an outline of the different attitudes presented in texts 2 and 3. â€Å"The Giving Pledge† is an organization for rich American people. This charity organization consists of many wealthy people like Bill Gates who is the co-founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates launched this campaign and all the members have different causes. Bill Gates wants to support improvements of the medical difficulties, for example Bill Gates want to make vaccines reach everyone in the world. All the members of the organization have agreed to donate at least 50% of their fortune to a charity. Warren Buffett has decided to donate 99% of his fortune to â€Å"The Giving Pledge†. Warren Buffett lifestyle will not be affected by this†¦show more content†¦In contrast to Peter Wilby, Jon Swartz does not see problem that the good marketing will sell, for example Bill Gates will sell more on â€Å"Windows operating systems†. Jon Swartz is using some quotes from Caroline Preston â€Å"Nothing like this has happened before†. Jon Swartz is very excited and he is finding some good quotes to back up his claims. I almost get the impression that â€Å"The Giving Pledge† has paid Jon Swartz to write this article. Jon Swartz also points out how much money they are donating. â€Å"Among those who didnt sign the pledge, some preferred anonymity, some were unavailable, and others were not interested.† Jon Swartz got some hatred for the people who di d not sign the pledge; this is also showing that it is biased and not neutral. 3. Taking your standpoint in one of the texts, argue for your own view of charitable giving. I think that these people have giant hearts and they are really generous. It is unbelievable how rich these men are. I think it’s an excellent idea donating money to education and science. But taking Peter Wilby points in consideration I see that it could be a business plan to create a better reputation and if u has a great reputation you will sell more products or services. However it’s a great idea to share your wealth and through research you could get vaccines to all the people in the world. These charities are great not only for science but also for innovation. All these Billion dollars could beShow MoreRelatedThe Contributions Of Warren Buffett1092 Words   |  5 Pagesportion of his fortune to charities to help out people who are less fortunate than him. Warren Buffett has provided a major contribution to society because of the money that he has given to charities, the money that he has inspired others to give, and through the work that the charities are doing. First, Warren Buffett benefitted society through the money that he has given to foundations and charities. Warren Buffett has donated 1.5 billion dollars to his own charitable organization and over 674 millionRead MoreThe Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation1333 Words   |  6 Pagesconditions of people’s lives, wherever they live, however they live, we all share the same dreams† – Melinda Gates. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a private grant making foundation that believes that everyone is equal. They work with partner organizations worldwide and have divisions in economic development, health, education and a global policy and advocacy division. Bill Gates was able to found this world changing foundation after becoming the richest man in the world, according to Forbes magazineRead MoreBrief History Of The Company Blake Mycoskie Know As A Serial Entrepreneur Successfully A Laundry Service Business Essay1550 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"One for One Pledgeà ¢â‚¬  that is for every pair of TOMS Shoe sold , Tom would donate a pair to a child in need. During TOMS first year, they sold 10,000 pair and donated 10,000 pairs of shoes to needy children in Argentina. By 2007 the company expand its product line to include to shoe for women men and children and their product was carried by over 300 stores in the United Stated and aboard. TOMS â€Å"one for one† program was a success because consumer had a direct contact with the charity. They could envisionRead MoreObtaining Donors : An Important Part Of Nonprofit Organization1501 Words   |  7 Pagesis an important part of nonprofit organization. Most of the previous literature on obtaining donors and fundraising suggests that it is determined by external factors (Vesterlund, 2002). The main reason is because they ignore the fact that some of the fundraisers may drive the campaigns to maximize the output from this activity (Vesterlund, 2002). In order to get maximum benefit from these campaigns, it is necessary to understand the phenomenon of charity giving from donors’ point of view (RomanoRead MoreMicrosoft : A Good Contributions1918 Words   |  8 PagesThe massive businesses of the world are responsible for millions of dollars in charity every year. Companies of all disciplines pride themselves on being able to flaunt their donation total at the end of the year. However, companies go about things in different ways, some simply donate large sums while others take a more hands on approach. In the case of Microsoft, a combination of both leads to very good philanthropic profile. With Microsoft being a technology company, the way that they do philanthropyRead MoreInitiation or Incarceration: Hazing in Fraternities and Sororities1351 Words   |  6 Pagesother stereotypes have, in essence, erased even the thought of belonging to a sorority or fraternity from the minds of countless students. While in actuality, Greeks are the students who do the best in c lasses, the people who are always seen doing charity work, they have strict rules to follow on and off campus, and while they might be slightly selective with the people the associate with it’s only because they wouldn’t want to be involved in something dangerous or looked down upon. Because, whileRead MoreCauses for Public Trust or Distrust of the Federal Government1594 Words   |  7 Pageson those that have been in charge for the last 4 years. Large organizations always run the risk of having corrupt personnel or fall prey to corruption due to funding by special interest groups. Although most Americans think this administration has socialist tendencies, the president’s policies and actions are similar to those of past presidents. Moreover, the two party systems help keep the democrats and republicans honest, by giving the voters a chance. The public in 2008 clearly chose a progressiveRead MoreWarren Buffet : Biography Of An American Capitalist Essay1499 Words   |  6 Pagesstock price of Berkshire Hathaway climbed up to $80,000/ share. â€Å"Even though many newspaper criticized that the Oracle was losing his touch, he never worried about what people said and kept doing what he excelled at: designate capital into awesome organization that were offering underneath characteristic esteem. His endeavors did not go unrewarded. At the point when the business sectors at long last came to their faculties, Buffet was at the end of the day a star†. Warren Buffett continued his investingRead MoreArgumentive Essay: Fraternities and Sorrorities1735 Word s   |  7 Pagesabuse the pledges  that are candidates for membership. When girls usually pledge, they are sometimes often commanded to drink excessively, appear  in skimpy outfits and model for the big brothers as they were told that a part of their body needed work. They were also woken up to run to the grocery store on absurd late-night errands for sisters. Most people become so Thomas 2 disillusioned with the whole sorority and fraternity system that they may feel the need to withdraw their pledges. LuckilyRead MoreAnthony Bugg Levine : A Global Leader World Economic Forum1741 Words   |  7 Pagesof investors and entrepreneurs eager to apply the full power of capital. The investors rejects the idea that they should pay attention to the social impact of their investing, insisting instead that these considerations be left to governments and charities. The effect financial specialists are hopeful about the part of business, they can play in progressing the benefit of all and power that social endeavors can attain by applying monetary apparatuses. While the blended value offers another approach

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The Differences Between The American And Japanese School...

Education is an extremely important quality of every nation. It is the base and no nation can survive without education and it is one of the major causes of prosperity and bright future (Spiegle, 2012). Hence, it is important that the education policy of every country should be devised according to the situation and the era time. Different countries have different education systems and methods in place (Wobmann 2001). The following paper will focus on the differences in the education system in United States and Japan. One of the largest differences between the American and the Japanese school system is the school year. Japanese school year starts from April and has three semesters. Due to the three semester system, the students have three†¦show more content†¦After the imposition of this law, Japan has one of highest literacy rates in the world and is as high as 99 percent. In contrary to the American education system, the elementary school comprises of large classrooms with about 40 students and there is only one teacher that teaches all the subjects. Subjects such as basic math, Japanese and physical education are offered by the subject. In recent years, more subjects have been added with English being offered as a compulsory subject. (Amano 1990) The middle school starts right after elementary school with harder class material, tough classes and intense homework. As the elementary school students are given homework during the vacations, this phenomenon continues throughout middle school also. In middle school, there are specific teachers assigned to teach specific subjects with an additional teacher who acts as the ‘class teacher’. The teacher also serves as a councilor and advisor and helps the students in their choice of high school. In high school, the councilor advises on the best choice of college for the students based on their grades. The first year of high school in Japan is similar to the freshman year of the American college as it has a generalized education schedule. However, in the second year, the schedule of the students is more individualized and their

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William Shakespeare s King Lear - 1550 Words

INTRODUCTION: By facilitating the growth of evil within William Shakespeare’s King Lear, it is evident that the tragedy’s protagonist, King Lear can be held accountable for his own victimization and ultimate downfall. The most notable aspects of this self-induced victimization include Lear’s own lack of practical wisdom and divergence from the natural order, combined with the neglect of kingship, that enables Lear as a tragic hero to create the conceptual framework in which the ulterior motives of others, such as his daughters, Goneril and Regan, were able to flourish. Hence, Lear himself, is emphatically both an agent and a victim of the forces of evil â€Å"more sinned against than sinning.† This notion is further reinforced by critical works such as Irving Ribner’s book Patterns in Shakespearian Tragedy’ (1960) and Ian Johnston’s article ‘The Forces of Evil’ (1999) that to a greater extent affirm these ideals as the catalysts for the forces of evil throughout the tragedy. FIRST BODY: Idea: Lack of practical wisdom / moral blindness contributes to Lear’s ultimate downfall Shakespeare’s King Lear depicts one’s failure to logically see natural differences and hierarchical distinctions as a quintessential catalyst of evil, as the text’s protagonist, Lear, makes fundamental errors in judgement of his daughters. In saying so, such a predisposition is integrated into the text through Lear’s interactions with his three daughters at the outset of the play in Act 1 Scene 1.Show MoreRelatedWilliam Shakespeare s King Lear1564 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam Shakespeare is universally known for his literary output both in poetry and drama. Whether through his laugh-invoking comedies or his heart-wrenching tragedies, Shakespeare’s plays have changed the course of literature. Many of his plays about love are widely praised by all, but Shakespeare s King Lear differs from the rest due to its definition of love. King Lear serves as an battleground between deception and compassion, between flattery and honesty. Rather than focusing on romantic loveRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s King Lear3086 Words   |  13 PagesJerion Young Ms. Woods English IV 4 March 2015 King Lear William Shakespeare uses several literary elements in his writing, elements which are especially apparent in his play, King Lear. Shakespeare uses excellent creativity and description when writing this tragedy. â€Å"Neither has Shakespeare placed in the mouth of any other character in this play such fatalistic expressions as may be found in King Lear and occasionally elsewhere†(A.C. 2003). The way King Lear talks in this play is very evil compared toRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s King Lear1611 Words   |  7 Pagesexperience life-changing events that jeopardize our sense of identity and make us question how we value ourselves. Our perception of our worth can change with what we learn through our existence, much like the characters in the play King Lear by William Shakespeare. Adversity and hardship are inevitable when characters are unable to connect themselves within their own identity or find a loss of self at some point in their role. The self-awareness, an essential a spect of their role, of many ofRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s King Lear1320 Words   |  6 Pagesothers. Having strong communication skills allows one to better understand the situation at hand. Proper communication is essential to working out problems because of this reason. In the play King Lear by William Shakespeare, Lear communicating with his daughters, Gloucester communicating with his sons, and Lear communicating with Kent are all examples of failure of communication, which later lead to consequences and hardships that the characters must face. Without proper communication, people willRead MoreBlindness By William Shakespeare s King Lear2212 Words   |  9 PagesMaysoun Deeb Mr. A. T. Lebar EN4UN-04 13 July 2015 King Lear Blindness by definition, according to dictionaries, is â€Å"unable to see and lacking the sense of sight† by which King Lear, the classic tragic play written by William Shakespeare, illustrated the concept of blindness amongst his characters as the leading theme. King Lear and Gloucester were the characters that have been conflicted by this â€Å"blindness† that may or may not change their personalities in the very end of the play. Gloucester becomesRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s King Lear1546 Words   |  7 PagesTwo Sides to Every Person There are two sides to every story; that of the protagonist and that of the antagonist. As shown in the Shakespearean play King Lear, there is very little difference between the two. Edmund, who appears to be a villain, is more than meets the eye. His evil is a rebellion against the social order that denies him legitimacy. His villainy does not come from innate cruelty but from misdirected desire for familial love. His remorse in the end displays his humanity and blindnessRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s King Lear1510 Words   |  7 PagesShakespeare’s King Lear deals with tragic human relationship like the other tragedies of the author, but this story was written in social aspect and raises the doubtful point on legitimacy of some political systems. In this play, various characters form multi-layered kconflict relations. Thus, the story is being propelled towards tragedy due to numerous inner and outer conflicts of each character. However, as it is brought into being a charact er, Edgar in the end of the story, it implies new beginningRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s King Lear1470 Words   |  6 Pagesduring the Elizabethan era, making it relatable to all audiences, especially the modern audience, leaving room for multiple perspectives and understanding of the play. Shakespeare’s play ‘King Lear’, depicts the main protagonist’s ‘gradual descent into madness’ as a result of the forces of evil acting in the play for Lear has, to an extent, have sinned though it can’t outweigh that he has been sinned against. This is confirmed through Lear’s injudiciousness to see through his two eldest daughter’s internalRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s King Lear 1306 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"All...shall taste the wages of their virtue...the cup of their deservings. (5.3.317-320)† King Lear is frequently regarded as one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces, and its tragic scope touches almost all facets of the human condition: from the familial tensions between parents and children to the immoral desires of power, from the follies of pride to the false projections of glory. However, one theme rings true throughout the play, and that very theme is boundless suffering, accentuated by the gruesomeRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s King Lear858 Words   |  4 PagesEvery good story has a hero and a villain. The villain is usually considered to be evil and have evil intentions, but often has good hidden somewhere deep inside them. This is definitely the case for the character of Edmund in Shakespeare’s play â€Å"King Lear.† Edmund betrays and deceives both his brother Edgar and his father Gloucester in order to achieve wealth and power. While his actions are corrupt and wrong, he should not be considered as entirely evil. His personality and his social status are

Informative Speech Essay examples - 1173 Words

OUTLINE General purpose: To inform Speech Goal: I would like to give everybody an insight on Tiger Wood’s life. I will talk about his early childhood, golf career, and the scandal that became his downfall. INTRODUCTION Who in your opinion is the most dominant well-known figure in professional sports? This is up for debate to many of us as we all have different likes or interests. But there is one individual who was destined for stardom and was in the spotlight at a very early age. He is arguably the one individual in our lifetime that transformed his sport. With his presence, the sport of golf became popular and was no longer a ratings buster on television, and became a sport more young kids wanted to get involved in.†¦show more content†¦B. His dad saw that he had an interest in golf at a very early age and designated him as â€Å"The Chosen One† (Callahan 23). 1. When Tiger was a toddler, his dad would put him in his high chair while he would hit golf balls in the basement. He noticed Tiger watching every move he made. Soon enough, Tiger was mimicking his dad’s golf swing and Earl Woods became amazed at what Tiger could do with a golf club by the age of 2. 2. Tiger became noticed by the world at the ripe old age of two yrs. old when he appeared on the Mike Douglas show. He was featured in Golf Digest at the age of 5 and began winning junior tournaments with kids four to five years older than him at the age of 8 (Londino 23). 3. He had a close relationship with his father and it is well documented that Tiger got his mental toughness through him. His dad use makes all kinds of noises while Tiger would attempt to practice. This left Tiger with two choices: He could block out the distraction or lose his composure. 4. At age 15 Woods became the youngest ever U.S. Junior Amateur champion. He defended the title in 1992 andShow MoreRelatedInformative Speech Essay855 Words   |  4 Pagestype of speech would the speaker choose. Well chapter 13 contents the creative process for informative speaking. What informative speaking is how to choose a focused informative topic, how to conduct a research a nd informative outline? The chapter also contains how to organize the body, introduction, and conclusion of the informative speech. Lastly chapter 13 contents explain how to prepare to present the speech and evaluate and informative speech. In order to make a well informative speech the speakerRead MoreInformative Speech912 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Informative Speech: The Causes of Homelessness Subject and Purpose 1. This informative speech on â€Å"The Cause of Homelessness â€Å"is very Inform able and worth listening to, because in today’s economy it could be you or me. Some seem to think homelessness is choice. I find this speech relevant to the world I live in today, due to the high unemployment rate, declining job market, and the economic hardships that families are enduring. This topic is not a broad one, but yet can be spokeRead MoreInformative Speech793 Words   |  4 PagesA List of Informative Speech Topics: Pick Only Awesome Ideas! Just when you thing youre way past through the question How to write an essay?, another one comes. Thats the thing students desperately Google like What is a informative speech? – and, believe experts, this is something youll definitely need some professional help in. Informative speaking is a speech on completely new issue. Tell your audience something they have never known! Now that you know the answer to the question â€Å"WhatRead MoreInformative Speech1497 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ORGC 201 Informative Speech Assignment Create a 5-6 minute presentation using PowerPoint visuals. Make sure your PowerPoint follows the guidelines discussed in class. The purpose of the presentation should be to inform the audience. Your presentation should reflect a topic, theme, or issue relevant to your major. For ideas of topics, you may consider looking at issues of Crains’ Chicago, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune,, TheRead MoreInformative Speech1451 Words   |  6 PagesInformative Speech Title: Child Care General Purpose: To inform Specific purpose: I want my audience to be informed of child care facilities Central purpose: I want my audience to be aware that they can save money I. Introduction Six months ago, corporate daycare facilities were cleaning out my bank account. I was losing the ability to pay for gas, rent and my utilities because all my money was going towards my son’s weekly daycare tuition. My parents could help me scrap on by here and thereRead MoreInformative Speech978 Words   |  4 PagesInformative Speech: How to Decide on a College Major Benjamin Ownby I. Introduction A. According to the National Center for Education Statistics in a 2013 study, college students changed their major an average of three times. B. Trying to determine a college major is difficult for us. C. Last Spring, I was struggling to decide whether I should continue pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering or change majors to MIS, an interesting major I had recently discovered. I continued to have trouble makingRead Moreinformative Speech758 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Informative Speech with Visual Aids Outline Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about extreme beauty practices in different cultures. INTRODUCTION I. I am pretty sure most of you here have heard the old saying that â€Å"Beauty is Pain.† II. We wake up striving to look better or beautiful everyday more and more. III. That is because as human beings we tend to be very visual and observe the look of a person before finding out who they really are. IV. So, today I will be sharing with you aRead MoreInformative Speech981 Words   |  4 PagesINFORMATIVE SPEECH (David Hurt, COM 108) Low Pay for Women Compared to Men in America How much did you pay for your car? Did you know that the difference between an average man and women’s salary is enough to purchases a new automobile in America. Below I’m going to discuss the pay gaps, Educational aspects with men and women, and why this issue is world wide. In order to better understand this issue of pay between men and women look at your wife’s or husband’s pay and you’ll see theRead MoreInformative Speech1145 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Cheyenne Duran Comm 20 Kelly Glass October 23, 2013 Informative Speech Outline Topic: Gun Control Organizational pattern: Topical Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the controversial subject gun control. Primary audience outcome: I want my audience to know the two sides on the topic of gun control. Thesis statement: Gun control will create laws and licensing to possess a gun to help decrease crime and fatalities, but also people believe gun control is going against our constitutionalRead Moreinformative speech1255 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Title: Information Speech Outline â€Å"The Evolution of Animation† Subject Code: USEL 23 - Speech Communication Prepared For: Datin Minda Hassan Prepared By: Nur Rabiatul Adawiyah Bt Mohd Nor Kamarudin (1411170007) Class: Oregon Program: ADFP Summer 2014 Preparation Outline Informative Speech â€Å"The Evolution of Animation – From 2D Animation to 3D Animation† General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the evolution of animation. Central

Additive Manufacturing for Introduction

Question: Discuss about theAdditive Manufacturing for Introduction to Informatics. Answer: Introduction The process of creating three-dimensional objects is known as 3D printing or additive manufacturing. In this process, computer control system uses a layer of material to form an object; the material can be plastic, concrete, metal or other. The additive manufacturing is a new growing sector; many corporations are making more than prototypes through this mechanism, as before. The 3D printing has revolutionised various industries through design and industrialisation, such as energy, health, machinery, aerospace and consumer products. This report will focus on analysing the role of 3D printing in the manufacturing of products and various other situations. Further, the report will evaluate the future of additive production and its impact on traditional manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing (AM) Traditionally, the manufacturing has revolutionised the world through an industrial revolution which enabled the world today. The word manufacturing derives from the French word which means made by hand. According to Bijker et al. (2012), modern technology has completely changed the process of manufacturing such as forming, molding, and companies using sophisticated machinery performs casting functions. These advanced techniques are subtractive method of manufacturing, in which the products are manufactured through subtracting some material from a workpiece. In case of 3D printing, the objects are manufactured from the start by adding layers of material. Instead of cutting or molding any object, one cross-sectional layer is inserted in the 3D printing at a time (Campbell, Williams, Ivanova Garrett, 2011). The additive manufacturing starts by making a 3D model of the object which is created through computer-aided design application or by scanning the object. The model than sliced by specialised software which sends this information to the AM machine. The object then created by the machinery by adding one cross-sectional layer at a time. High or Low Volume Production The 3D printing technology is most suited for low volume production, instead of high volume production. The AM technology was designed to rapidly built prototypes of projects. But now the technology is being used by corporations for actual manufacturing. Other than prototypes, many engineers use 3D printing technology for manufacturing their product because it allows customisation, flexible design, easy assembling and in case of a small manufacturer, it allows for low volume production at low cost (Weller, Kleer Piller, 2015). Traditionally, the manufacturing process, such as injection molding, is used by corporations at a massive level. As per Petrick Simpson (2013), 3D printing is enabling small manufacturers to produce small volume products at low prices which are reshaping the manufacturing industry. In traditional manufacturing, the price for production started to decrease once the company manufacture at a large volume scale, this is mainly correct in case of manufacturing plastic product. The process of injecting molding is significantly expensive when the production is low. Another benefit of 3D printing technology is that it assists in protecting the environment. The machinery of 3D printing uses 90 percent of the material used in the process, which reduces the waste of material. The AM printing method is energy efficient which reduces the energy cost of the company. Gebler, Uiterkamp Visser (2014) stated that the 3D printing technology is already being using in various industries to produce components of small volume. For example, the automotive industry uses AM printing technique to manufacture part of formula one race cars to provide high-end specialised parts. In the aerospace industry, the printing technology is used by companies to produces small parts of aircraft such as environmental control system duct on F-18. In custom orthodontics sector, the 3D printing technology assists the companies in making custom braces for the people. The 3D model of each patients dental impression is used in the process to manufacture their custom brace. Many companies such as Siemens Mobility, a German conglomerate, uses 3D printing technology for reducing cost and time in the low volume production of the part for a German transport service provider (Leigh et al., 2012). Valuable Situations for 3D Printing Corporations use the additive manufacturing for production of various objects, currently, in a consumer application, the biggest market for 3D printing technology is hearing aid machines. As per Sandstrom (2016), around 90 percent of ear hearing aid is manufactured using 3D printing technology, and they are used by more than ten million peoples. Using of 3D printing technology in the health sector can be beneficial for a significant number of people, for example, many companies are making prosthetic arms and legs for the children suffered in a bomb blast. These devices benefit the children by making their life more comfortable. As per Conner et al. (2014), one of the primary benefits of 3D printing technology is that it allows the production of complex shapes that cannot be produced otherwise. For example, the internal cooling channels are generated by AM technology which is difficult to manufacture otherwise. Therefore, the 3D printing tool is valuable in the situation where complex manufacturing is necessary. The AM technique can be valuable in manufacturing complex products which require a high level of precision in the manufacturing procedure. The 3D printing technology requires a low level of expertise to operate, and it eliminates extensive labour requirements. The AM techniques use computer assistance which ensures that all the products are created precisely to reduce any inaccuracy in the product. In the industries, such as automobile and aerospace, the companies manufacture components which require a high level of precise details and labour expertise; these industries can benefit from the 3D printing technology (Mironov et al., 2008). Forecast for 3D Printing Technology Many leading studies and investment firms have suggested that 3D printing technology industry is booming and gaining momentum in the past few years, this technology can revolutionise the entire manufacturing industry. In the cover story of Economist in 2011, the 3D printing technology was considered to be developed like computer industry; the technology will spread rapidly with the decrease in the prices (The Economist, 2011). In Ganter report, the AM technology was viewed as transformational which can be used in mass production after 5 to 10 years (Shanler Basiliere, 2017). Dredge (2014) written an article in The Guardian stated various uses of 3D printing technology in todays world and provided a different method in which companies are using this technology. As per the research of PwC, Curran (2016) provided that 3D printing technology is becoming easier to use and handle multiple materials which can enhance its use beyond rapid prototyping. In the research of DHL, the method in which future corporations will use AM technology was provided; most of the sector will use 3D printing technology to perform their work. Impact of 3D Printing Technology The 3D printing technology can have a significant influence on the transformation of manufacturing procedure; many of the old manufacturing techniques can become obsolete due to AM technique. The additive manufacturing will bring the process of production near the customers requirements; it means less production will require fulfilling the demand of customers. Furthermore, the 3D printing technology will reduce the necessity of build-up inventories for products. For example, 3D printed paper books which can be published, stored and sold the company, and quickly returned in case they did not get traded (Gross et al., 2014). Other than lack of large inventories, the requirement of spare parts and shipping them for urgent orders will be obsolete as well. The cost of production will decrease due to lack of necessity for raw material and spare parts. The AM technology will also obsolete machinery tools, such as molding and stamping, because one printer will be able to manufacture a variety of products (Mellor, Hao Zhang, 2014). The 3D printing technology will obsolete manufacturing platforms such as China and India. The countries will be able to manufacture products in their domestic companies at low cost without outsourcing the work. One manufacturing facility will be able to make a range of products which will reduce the number of factories. The above changes will affect the customers significantly because they will be able to produce required products in their homes. The customers can buy a 3D printer in their home and build products for themselves for which software from companies can be provided. Conclusion In conclusion, 3D printing technology allows users to make rapid prototypes and other objects by creating a computer model of such product, in this process the computer make a product by adding layers, therefore, it is also known as additive manufacturing. The 3D printing technology is more suitable for low volume production at low cost, unlike other production methods such as injection molding. The technique is more valuable in case of manufacturing small and intricate parts for military, medical, airplanes or cars. According to various leading researchs conducted by corporations such as PwC or The Economist, the 3D printing technology will boom in next few years, and it benefits small manufacturers in producing low volume at lower costs. The traditional manufacturing such as injection molding, outsourcing manufacturing works and much more will be obsolete after the popularity of 3D printing technology. This technology will benefit the customers because it makes them closer to the p roduction procedure. References Bijker, W. E., Hughes, T. P., Pinch, T., Douglas, D. G. (2012).The social construction of technological systems: New directions in the sociology and history of technology. MIT press. Campbell, T. A., Williams, C., Ivanova, O., Garrett, B. (2011). Could 3D Printing Change the World? Technologies, Potential and Implications of Additive Manufacturing, Strategic Foresight.Atlantic Council (www. acus. org). Conner, B. P., Manogharan, G. P., Martof, A. N., Rodomsky, L. M., Rodomsky, C. M., Jordan, D. C., Limperos, J. W. (2014). Making sense of 3-D printing: Creating a map of additive manufacturing products and services.Additive Manufacturing,1, 64-76. Curran, C. (2016). The road ahead for 3-D printing. PwC. Retrieved from Dredge, S. (2014). 30 things being 3D printed right now (and none of them are guns). The Guardian. Retrieved from Gebler, M., Uiterkamp, A. J. S., Visser, C. (2014). A global sustainability perspective on 3D printing technologies.Energy Policy,74, 158-167. Gross, B. C., Erkal, J. L., Lockwood, S. Y., Chen, C., Spence, D. M. (2014). Evaluation of 3D printing and its potential impact on biotechnology and the chemical sciences. Leigh, S. J., Bradley, R. J., Purssell, C. P., Billson, D. R., Hutchins, D. A. (2012). A simple, low-cost conductive composite material for 3D printing of electronic sensors.PloS one,7(11), e49365. Mellor, S., Hao, L., Zhang, D. (2014). Additive manufacturing: A framework for implementation.International Journal of Production Economics,149, 194-201. Mironov, V., Kasyanov, V., Drake, C., Markwald, R. R. (2008). Organ printing: promises and challenges.Regenerative medicine,3(1), 93-103. Petrick, I. J., Simpson, T. W. (2013). 3D printing disrupts manufacturing: how economies of one create new rules of competition.Research-Technology Management,56(6), 12-16. Sandstrm, C. G. (2016). The non-disruptive emergence of an ecosystem for 3D PrintingInsights from the hearing aid industry's transition 19892008.Technological Forecasting and Social Change,102, 160-168. Shanler, M. Basiliere, P. 2017. Hype Cycle for 3D Printing, 2017. Gartner. Retrieved from The Economist. (2011). Print me a Stradivarius. The Economist. Retrieved from Weller, C., Kleer, R., Piller, F. T. (2015). Economic implications of 3D printing: Market structure models in light of additive manufacturing revisited.International Journal of Production Economics,164, 43-56.

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Goulburn-Murray Rural Water Corporation

Question: Discuss abput the Report for Goulburn-Murray Rural Water Corporation. Answer: Introduction Goulburn-Murray rural Water Corporation that trades under the ticker symbol GMW is a statutory corporation constituted by the ministerial order under the provisions of water act 1989. The company serves a region of approximately 68,000 square kilometers. The company maintains 23 storage facilities and thousands of kilometers of channel infrastructure to approximately 35,000 customers including urban water providers, groundwater users, river diverters and gravity irrigators. Today, project management is considered an integral facet that propels organization forward by ensuring that companies operate more effectively and efficiently. Due to the subjects significance, organizations have moved forwards and begun to include a director with the responsibility for project management. However, with increasing business demands, the company is planning to deploy a robust, scalable and secure information systems infrastructure that scales in tandem with new customer demands. The company has realized that it needs to enhance its customer experience and this includes deploying a modern customer service solution that improves on overall customer experience (Renz, 2007). Modern information systems that auger with Goulburn-Murray business needs require significant investments to deploy, therefore the company must employ sound project governance techniques to mitigate on looming risks arising from change hence maximize on perceived benefits. Project governance will also assure the organization on the continued development of the profession and disciplines of the project and portfolio management. Just in the same manner that proper corporate governance is essential in the running of the business with competence and integrity, it also makes absolute sense to follow the same path with projects as part and parcel of an organization operating strategy. Literature Review IT Project Governance Most I.T managers have unanimously agreed on the need to implement a strong governance model, but when it comes to program managers there is minimal shared information on what a proper governance model constitutes. It is also clear that the lack of executive support coupled with waning user involvement undermine great initiatives (Williams Samset, 2012). Goulburn-Murray IT project governance framework is designed to govern the management and execution of the companys entire IT project. This particular framework promotes compliance with various legislative amendments, illustrates a common project management structure for IT related projects, and it also establishes a referencing framework for future project risks and quality control. The framework will ensure that the organization develops agency wide and smaller IT systems through the application of consistent and repeatable process. System development process will be broke down into discreet and manageable phases. The phases will comprise of activities and procedures in line with industry best practices, Goulburn-Murray corporate policy and government standards (Dionisi Turner, 2012). Integrated Governance Structure IT project governance entails three enterprise processes illustrated in the diagram and listed below Fig 1.0 diagram illustrating IT governance structure Enterprise performance management The IT governance process should begin by establishing IT objectives in both strategic and operational perspective. The priorities must be set to ensure that the information systems infrastructure is available and the proposed project initiatives are aligned with the direction of the Goulburn-Murray Corporation (Muller et al., 2012). In this very approach the companys management and the IT department will focus on: Aligning the companys IT strategy with a properly constituted business strategy Ensuring that deploying of the IT infrastructure delivers on the strategy through clear defined expectations and evaluation criteria Directing the information systems strategy to balance investments the infrastructure supporting the enterprise in streamlining their operations Asset Portfolio The portfolio focuses on Goulburn-Murray current business operations and two categories of assets are included which are hardware assets, personnel, tools, production applications, and other computing facilities. The other category comprises of soft assets such as knowledge and skills, capabilities, services, and available and future generated data. These mentioned assets should be proactively managed to maximize their efficiency and this includes disposing IT assets that have reached their lifespan. The deficiency of any existing IT asset should be immediately identified and incremental improvement strategies should also be nurtured. I.T Project Portfolio and Project Prioritization We shall implement a standardized approach that will be used to approve and prioritize potential project within Goulburn-Murray IT project portfolio and the process will be executed under the stewardship of the executive management, investment committee, the IT department and the Architectural Design Team (ADT). The ADT ensures that the project is developed in tandem with Goulburn-Murray technology standards. The ID department will work hand in hand with ADT in regards to technical compliance and will also determine the suitability of the proposed project based on the available resources, feasibility and strategic alignment. The investment committee ensures that funds are available and they will also work on modalities to secure additional funding if need arises. I.T Governance Process There shall be two principal players who can also double their role to act as a single person in the proposed governance model. There shall be a project sponsor and the business unit project initiator. The project cannot proceed without a sponsor, and the project concepts will be initially documents by the project sponsor on a request for services (RFS) form that will be issued through a collaboration of the IT department and the executive management. The RFS documentation shall be used to capture the purpose and objective of the project, funding sources, out-of-scope sections, and anticipated deliverables. The business unit project initiator will work hand in hand with the project management office and will notify them of the progress and any change of plans. Other additional forms that will be necessary in the project include: ADT compliance checklist that ensures compliance with Goulburn-Murray IT standards Statement of works Request for proposals Investment committee project proposal checklists that assists to prepare an investment committee presentation A project proposal guide that elaborates on feasibility studies, business case, total cost of ownership, strategic alignment issues, requirements and business process Steering committee project proposals ADT preliminary checklists that reminds of additional cost factors that previously could had been omitted until this particular point in time Enterprise Architecture It mainly entails establishing and ensuring compliance with the Goulburn-Murray Corporation technical standards to enhance the companys ability to serve its clients, utilize its assets efficiently and also promote industry best practices. Within the organization, architectural compliance will be ensured by the ADT. The companys IT project shall be categorized into two distinct types; ready made application and commercial off-the shelf that can be hosted in-house or offsite and accessed through the cloud. The enterprise architecture shall be developed whereby am proposing that the company should adopt the following service oriented diagram that scales with business demands. NB: However, take note that the diagram is only used for illustration purposes and that my proposed governance structure does not endorse any vendor or its affiliates, it is the sole discretion of the IT department so select their preferred vendors. Fig 3.0 diagram illustrating enterprise architecture Goulburn-Murray Corporation Governance Roles and Responsibilities Goulburn-Murray Corporation governance structure will comprise of four components namely the executive, investment committee, IT department and the Architectural Design Team (ADT). With such a structure in place it is possible to initiate, prioritize and align IT assets with the companys business needs. The primary goal of such a governance structure is strategically evaluate Goulburn-Murray Corporation projects in the following areas: Aligning project initiatives with the companys technical standards Evaluation of expected business return Ascertaining risks involved in deploying the project The entire costs of undertaking the project Executive management She/he shall be responsible for establishing strategic direction of the company and will also assist in identifying operational enhancements to drive Goulburn-Murray Corporation investment and resultant assets. The head of departments will be represented in the IT steering committee/IT department with the process concluding in the approval by the companys top management. Investment Committee They ensure that the funds are available to complete the project, and the main goal of this particular committee is to: Ensuring that the project I adequately funded Determining whether the funds should be fully used up in a single financial year or they should be used across several years Determining the financial viability of the product in terms of the return on investment I.T Steering Committee They are mandated with developing the IT project portfolio and at the same time monitoring project activities across the entire portfolio of the Goulburn-Murray Corporation IT projects. The committee develops the company strategic divisions on some of the projects that must be undertaken by the company staff. The committee comprises of subset of Goulburn-Murray executives and the IT staff. The primary goals of this particular committee shall be to: Ensuring compliance with strategic goals and objectives Ensuring there are available resources and may also advise the company on alternative resources such as use of open source application Re-prioritization of project portfolio Determining as to whether other systems or business processes are likely to be affected Ensuring that the viability of using existing systems is considered Determining if the entire project is in line with the companys operational objectives Architectural Design Team They shall be mandated with maintaining technical standards of all IT assets and new projects that fall within their mandate. The main goals of the ADT will be to: Enhance capacity planning and IT asset resource allocation Enhance continuity of operations Provide business input that can be utilized by the executive management to make sound decision Identifying and communicating identified architectural gaps Communicating the technical readiness of the proposed project Enhancing interoperability amongst the companys IT applications Identifying opportunities for the use of shared devices Ensuring compliance with the companys IT standards Identifying potential problems during the onset of the project to minimize on the costs and risks of changes in the later part of the project The specific responsibilities of the ADT will be to: Providing architectural recommendations to the company Reviewing and establishing new standards Providing alternative advice and ideas Facilitating architectural review process Ensuring that the systems are compliant with the companys technical standards Project Start Up Project Life cycle The project involves overhauling the companys information systems infrastructure and this includes establishing a service oriented architecture that scales with the companys business demand. The second phase of the project entails deploying a robust network, the third phase will include installing of necessary hardware and software, the fourth phase involves testing of the deployed system and handing over the new system to the company. Work activities There shall be a work breakdown structure whereby the roles and responsibilities of all the project stakeholders will be described. The WBS proposed below shall be maintained throughout the lifecycle of the project. Identifier Work package description Definition/objective Milestone deliverable Project manager He oversees the projects implementation and reports the outcome directly to the executive He works hand in hand with the available committee such as the IT, donors, vendors Overseeing the success of the project External I.T consultant He assess the business need of Goulburn-Murray Corporation He ensures that the proposed solution is in line with the companys business objectives Identifying the most reliable solution in line with the companys budget IT steering committee They work with the consultant to oversee the implementation of the deployed system They ensure that appropriate technology is acquired and installed in line with the companys policies IT solutions are properly installed IT Architectural Committee They develop the enterprise architecture to accommodate the proposed solution from the external IT consultant The architecture is able to scale with the companys business needs An architecture in line with industry best practices is deployed Finance committee They secure funding for the project Funding is readily available The project is fully funded The executive They ensure the project is on track and all the support required from the company is available The project is on track The project is in line with the business objectives Schedule Allocation Identifier Task Milestone Duration Start Finish Dependent task IT Consultancy Viability of the project Proposed solution is in line with business objectives 3 month September 2016 November 2016 Companys operational processes Funding Seeking funds Ensuring funds are available 1 month 1st December 2016 31st December 2016 The companys financial statement Designing the enterprise architecture Coming up with an enterprise architecture in line with the companys business needs The architecture scales with enterprise business demands 3 months January 2017 March 2017 Reviewing the current enterprise architecture Vendor Selection Selecting IT products Identifying the best products for the task 3 months April 2017 June 2017 Review of previous systems performances Deploying the proposed solution Installing the hardware and softwares The technology is properly installed and interoperable 3 months July 2017 September 2017 Ensuring that the technical personnel have the requisite skills to handle the proposed solution Testing and Handing over Testing the infrastructure The deployed infrastructure is properly working 1 month 1st October 2017 30th October 2017 The proposed solution is fully working according to business needs. Conclusion Project management is a very delicate process hence cannot be considered as an instant solution or instant coffee for that matter. The process is very delicate and requires the input of different stakeholders in the company. To begin with, due to the sensitivity of the project and massive financial capital required, stakeholders such as the shareholders and companys management should participate in the governance of any project. The company in collaboration with industry players and insiders should ensure that the proposed project is in line with business objectives and all the operations of the project will be fully supported by the project. There should be a project manager who sees the implementation of the project from the start to the level whereby the solution is finally handed over to the company. The project manager should also be experienced enough especially with sensitive projects involving massive capital outlay to the tune of millions. The company should also collaborate with the finance department to ensure that the expenses associated with the proposed project does not jeopardize the operations of other departments, because, IT projects in particular if not properly consulted tend to affect how a company will operate in future and in cases that the project does not properly meet business objectives, the companys reputation comes under scrutiny. The solution should also be secure enough so that sensitive company information including client details does not easily get hacked. Works Cited Alvarez-Dionisi, L.E. and Turner, J.R., 2012. Project governance: reviewing the past, envisioning the future--. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute. Muller, R. and S.J., 2011. Xiang mu zhi li = Project governance. Beijing: Dian zi gong ye Chu ban she. Renz, P.S., 2007. Project governance: implementing corporate governance and business ethics in nonprofit organizations. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag. Williams, T.M. and Samset, K., 2012. Project governance: getting investments right. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Sample Student Overview of Essay

Sample Student Overview of EssayA sample student overview of the essay is a short article that outlines your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. You want to put your strengths first. You want to make sure you aren't making a mistake that will haunt you throughout your writing career. If you don't show your flaws in this article, your reviewer will, too.A student overview of essay also needs to be short, and factual. You want your reader to understand what you are trying to say and not leave it hanging. It needs to be precise, concise, and as straight as possible.The overview must be just a paragraph or two. Be as detailed as you can get to get an idea of what you need to accomplish. The objective should be a summary of your entire essay.These samples are very important because it shows that you have the skills to write. It shows that you are dedicated to learning more about writing and will continue to do so for as long as you have the passion. It shows that you know how to plan an d organize your topics and make sure they are the most efficient.The goals, or key components, of the outline are these: get the reader interested in your essay; make the material easy to digest and move along; and get the reader motivated to read further. This is the core of any good writing project.You may think that you don't need a college degree or writing experience to write, but it is important to have the proper background to help with your writing. The samples are to help you learn the language of good writing, and not be an instruction manual.An outline is a must. You can't make a quick sale without a great deal of investment. All of your writing will be harder to sell if you don't outline your essay.

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Daily School Routine Essay Essay Example

Daily School Routine Essay Paper Life is an interesting escapade worth life. I enjoy every spot of my life and enjoy things around me such as. beautiful landscape. budding flowers. green scenery. admirations of scientific discipline seen in different signifiers. wonders of metropolis life. the leisure of free clip. . Though much of my day-to-day school is routine-based. yet the assortment and diverseness of day-to-day being make my day-to-day school routine an exciting escapade. Every individual on the planet has his ain life and duties. A batch of people have different day-to-day school modus operandis. Some of them have long twenty-four hours and others an easy twenty-four hours. But that depends on how many categories they have. The biggest job is the Time direction which is the act or procedure of planning and exerting witting control over the sum of clip spent on specific activities. But there are ways to pull off your life modus operandi. My day-to-day school modus operandi starts at place. First. I get up from bed early in the forenoon. I do my forenoon responsibilities. I wash my face and brush my dentitions. Then I take a small physical exercising. Following I dress myself to travel to school. We will write a custom essay sample on Daily School Routine Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Daily School Routine Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Daily School Routine Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer I am neer tardily in go toing school. I take different topics and I ever try to listen to my instructors in the category. My day-to-day modus operandi is packed with school material these yearss. My yearss at school are Tuesday and Thursdays. The first category starts at 9:30 which is an ESL category with Mr. Dave Bruno that finishes at 10:45. Then I have my psychological science category it’s my favourite it. It starts at 11:00 to 12:15 with Mr. Mike Colbert. After that I have a interruption for 3 hours. so I go to hold tiffin with my friends’ . so my last categories is math with a amusing instructor. We call him General. School modus operandi can be difficult sometimes particularly during tests. Throughout the class of my ESL categories. English trials ever proved to be hard for me. I had problem retrieving footings and vocabulary. despite the fact that my memorisation accomplishments were rather capable. Indeed I had a instructor that sometimes surprise us with small quizzes. And no readying the odds of go throughing the unheralded trial were non slanted in my favour. Time direction is a phrase that I have lived by throughout parts of grade school. high school. and now college. I have been introduced to this because of the legion activities and sums of work that I have accumulated over the old ages. In high school. I had to equilibrate my clip from traveling to school. to pattern. and so to homework. I would seek to equilibrate out the work. but sometimes there was non adequate clip in the twenty-four hours to complete all of it. I rapidly learned that working in front of clip was cardinal to my success. I learned a batch about the common myths of clip direction and where I fall in the categorization of effectual clip direction. Time can non be managed ; it can merely be controlled by each single individual and the manner clip is directed. Scheduling is highly of import when it comes to pull offing the usage of clip. It is of import to pull off clip sagely. When clip is managed and organized sagely ; it can do the difference between a productive twenty-four hours and a really feverish twenty-four hours. Using clip direction during an ordinary twenty-four hours can assist cut down emphasis and simplifies life. Without have a program on how to pull off clip. it can make emphasis in life and besides burying of import day of the months and deadlines. By non holding some type of organisation in life it will make pandemonium and will look as if there is non adequate clip in one twenty-four hours to finish day-to-day undertakings. Time direction may be aided by a scope of accomplishments. tools. and techniques used to pull off clip when carry throughing specific undertakings. undertakings and ends following with a due day of the month. When I learn and maintain good clip direction accomplishments. I find freedom from deadline force per unit area and from emphasis in general. I am more productive. procrastinate less. and I have more clip to loosen up. which helps further lessening emphasis and anxiousness. Making a list. Set deadlines and Stoping multi-tasking are things I do to pull off my clip in school. I set reminders on my phone and computing machine. One of the most of import things is I make certain I list experience come-at-able. No 1 wants a 30-item to-do list and have to. at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. I look at the 20 points that I didn’t acquire done. Prioritize my and others’ demands and program consequently. I might even desire to do three lists — personal. place and school. Puting deadline. Again. there is no point in puting deadlines if I make executive determinations to ever force them back. Puting a deadline and seeking my best to lodge to it. This allows for the possibility that other things will acquire in the manner. but besides let for me still to acquire the undertaking done. Besides halting multi-tasking. Multitasks frequently seem to believe they get more complete. but it’s non ever the most productive or efficient path. my head work better when I am genuinely able to concentrate and concentrate on one thing. Daily school modus operandi makes the five dharma’s work for the organic structure. Actually. man’s lifetime can be 150 – 170 old ages or even more. Since we are go againsting hese Dharma. it has been reduced to 60-80 old ages. This modus operandi is non suggested to do you live for 100 old ages for certain. but to populate a healthy life. This Natural Life Style is a portion of Naturopath. Once you started clip direction schedule your organic structure is in good status and is ready for the Dharma of fast. Until you have been following this everyday for months. The natural lifestyle suits anyone and everyone – adult male or adult female. immature or old. chronic patient or ordinary individual. It requires merely a strong desire and inspiration to hold a sound organic structure. That’s more than plenty.

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Tuscaloosa County School District Emergency Operations Plan in Alabama

Tuscaloosa County School District Emergency Operations Plan in Alabama The Current State Of Affairs Regarding the Fourth Phase of the Tuscaloosa County School District Emergency Operations Plan in Alabama Student/parent information guide for Tuscaloosa county schools This student/parent guide by Hinton (2010) depicts that the Tuscaloosa county school district has laid down some systems that are already working. These include:Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Tuscaloosa County School District Emergency Operations Plan in Alabama specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Parent involvement policy: The school has incorporated a parent-involvement policy that accommodates parents as ‘full partners’ in all decisions made affecting their children and availing community resources aimed at boosting school programs, accommodating family practices, as well as enhancing the students’ well being. Insurance program; The school has an effective insurance program in place that is mandatory f or all students. The insurance covers are affordable and cater for all accidental injuries sustained in the premises, including those inflicted during athletics. Crisis management plan;- the school is assisted by community agencies, for instance the Sheriff’s department, The emergency Management agency, among others to manage any perceived or real crises and to minimize any resultant adverse effects. Fire drills are conducted monthly within the school, with exit plans vividly displayed in all student-occupied rooms Tornado drills are also held almost quarterly, and in compliance with the Management Agency guidelines. A thunderstorm watch and warning guidelines are adhered to in accordance with the approved Emergency Management PlanAdvertising Looking for essay on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Criminal penalties; The school has effectively laid down rules and regulation to handle errant behavior li ke vandalism, possession of drugs, possession of illegal arms etc. This in essence lays down violence prevention strategies at the school. Address of ‘Severe Weather information frequently asked questions’ Hinton (2011) showcases some ‘Frequently asked questions’ on severe weather. This is another system set up by the school that is working. Its aim is to answer queries by concerned people on its preparedness for disasters attributed to adverse climatically changes. The school clarifies that it does not rely solely on TV for updates on changing weather but has other resources; and to prepare for the changes , its Central Office personnel keenly follow the weather forecasts which is broadcast via ‘Emergency Alert Radio System, NOAA Radio’ and even through text messages several days beforehand. On occasions of severe whether (the actual days), updates are received via ‘Southern Linc. communications, media and storm spotters.’ On such days, any public transport is warned as such via ‘VHF two-way radio.’ Areas needing improvement In my opinion, insurance policies should be spread to cover damage of student property caused by tornadoes, fires and other natural hazards; it is also important to put up constructions, preferably underground which cannot easily be damaged by natural disasters. I am also convinced that the school can go a long way offering fire and tornado drills beyond the schools to include neighboring communities who in most cases are also affected. Intensive training on the crisis management plan should also be all inclusive, that is the parents, students and communities too should be enlightened on this. Emergency plans goes way beyond weather changes to include violence in schools, as such sensitization should be done to all concerned to safeguard against crime and violence, and instead ethical and moral behavior should be taught and encouraged.Advertising We will write a cust om essay sample on Tuscaloosa County School District Emergency Operations Plan in Alabama specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More References Hinton J.R. (2010).Tuscaloosa county school system: Severe weather information. Retrieved from Hinton J.R. (2011). Student/ parent information guide for Tuscaloosa county schools. Retrieved from

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Critical media theory remains relevant to the analysis of the culture Essay

Critical media theory remains relevant to the analysis of the culture industry - Essay Example ture industry refers to the pseudo-singularity and standardization of cultural items and the format by which they (cultural items) are promoted and dispersed to the general public. When the media industry is consolidated, centralized power is placed under the control of the few media corporations that remain behind. This power enables these corporations to influence the media content in terms of production and distribution. According to Herman and Chomsky (2002), the media today, especially within the US, is filled with a lot of propaganda. This, they attribute to the media having developed the fundamental need of supporting the special interests of those dominating the industry, including the state’s interests. The media system does not always completely agree on all issues and this aspect preserves the media’s legitimacy and credibility. Herman and Chomsky summarize their theory in what they call the â€Å"media model†. The political economy theory is one of the very important ways of analyzing how the culture industry operates and is arguably the most appropriate technique of doing so. The several products of the culture industry come out through several mediums like radio, television, internet and the printed press, mentioning a few. The cultural industry today operates under and is heavily influenced by government regulations and corporate structures (Andrejevic, 2007). This influence is what makes the political economy approach the important analyzing tool that it is. The reciprocity of interest combined with economic necessities tends to draw the mass media into some sort of symbiotic relationship with influential sources. The media has found itself in a position where it heavily relies on the information provided by governmental and corporate sources, which in turn have come up with huge bureaucracies that provide the media with the material to be dispersed. Thise symbiotic relationship has further been boosted by the over time development of the

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Journal 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Journal 8 - Essay Example metaphor, irony, and oxymoron, that the political is also poetic, wherein the poetic confirms the death-denying ideologies of people through the oxymoron of a silent poet. â€Å"What He Thought† uses enjambment to depict that political actions are poetic, in the sense that they reflect the innermost emotions, which are present in Flight from Death: death anxiety and the need to safeguard death-denying ideologies. The studies in the film, which aim to prove the influence of death anxiety on human attitudes and behaviors, establish that, when reminded of their death, people tend to support more those who are similar to them. One of the enjambments in â€Å"What He Thought† helps American poets connect to Italian poets: â€Å"†¦Among Italian writers we/could recognize our counterparts: the academic,/the apologist, the arrogant, the amorous,/the brazen and the glib† (McHugh 11-14). The American poets are not comfortable with differences because they will fear the Italians as potential reminders of death, so they seek to find similarities between them as much as possible. Furthermore, identifying similarities should go beyond havi ng the same interest in literature, but also in politics, because politics is an important way of affirming life. McHugh’s inclusion of the German suggests historical differences between American and German politics: â€Å"where it must have been abandoned by/the German visitor (was there a bus of them?)†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (27-28). The enjambment suggests a tone of superiority against the Germans, as if a bus of them is an affront to a bus of Americans. These enjambments emphasize the need of poets to be related to fellow poets, or else they will feel conscious of linguistic, political, and cultural differences, differences that remind them of their deaths. Aside from enjambment, McHugh uses metaphors and irony to illustrate the clashes that arise from the interaction between different death-denying beliefs. The metaphor of God as something that is

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Only in America Essay Example for Free

Only in America Essay â€Å"Only in America† was written by Leiber, Stoller, Weill, and Mann (1963) as a song to propagate the American dream. After more than four decades of American dream to own a house, a car, and to have a good-paying job one can see that it is not enough any longer for many ‘new’ Americans. Hard work and determination perhaps were good enough tools to â€Å"take a giant step and reach right up and touch the stars†¦Ã¢â‚¬  four decades ago (that is if you were the right skin color) but not any longer. It does take a genius of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to become wealthy using their own talents as leverage. Or it takes a sheer luck and some intuition to participate in real estate speculations at exactly the right time. Either, that precludes honest working folks who work their given hours a week and get enough to pay the bills. More (2003) compared such to a drug â€Å"first prescribed to us as children in the form of a fairy tale. † Certainly, it happens for some, for a very few. It does seem that those very few knew exactly what they were doing – either investing into the right stock, buying properties when they still cost in low 100s in California, or get on the tip of the wave of progress, like Bill Gates did. Well, for the few it worked but not for the majority of us. It is not difficult to figure out the reasons. A rational thought would suggest that American government is able to render every citizen rich – not necessarily with the money distribution but with the controlling the purchase power of an average citizen. If to eliminate the political agenda and change the status quo to people-centered market, it is not difficult to see that one carrying President of the country can do so by a) eliminating unnecessary government agencies and departments and b) removing political and financial limitations to the free enterprise. The latter action by itself can be very powerful for business owners not having a need to compensate for the high rents and other costs to run a business will keep their products of low cost. Everything, from energy to communication services, to the infrastructure will cost less, much less as the result. Any business owner understands that selling products by the quantity will bring more financial result than doing so by higher cost and selling by the lesser numbers. As the result, people, even those with meager incomes, will have more purchase power by being able to afford much more than they can do today. That would raise the daily comfort of people. They would become content for their minds would not be preoccupied with the sheer necessities needed by their families. Material things and services, like houses, cars, food, clothes, education needs, health needs should not cost so much of a fortune that people must get into the life-time debt to be able to afford it. If the necessities are met and people do not have a difficult time to find an appropriate for them job, the content should become widespread. As of now, most people live in fear, in fear of loosing their jobs, in fear not being able to pay the mortgage and the car notes, for fear not being able to meet their responsibility to their families. People who live by such fear cannot experience content. I once knew a family, good solid one. He was a teacher working in the same district for over a decade. She worked at the bank. They had a nice house, two cars, good-looking furniture, but could not save enough to pay their financial obligations sooner. They lived a nice life, but in debt. And then, the tragedy stroke. He lost the purpose, feeling stagnated he left to his home country that he came from originally. Looking for happiness, he left his wife and children. To avoid gossip and talk in their community, she moved to another state with 50K dollars that came from his retirement plan. Because she could not afford to continue paying for the house, the house was foreclosed. The same happened with one of the cars. Her credit was in ruin, and now she had to start anew. She was afraid to touch the money, whatever left from moving and initial expenses. After three months, she found a job at the bank. The income was just enough to cover rent and monthly bills. What did happen to such a strong family who used to have everything: each other, nice house, cars, two wonderful kids, and ability to buy things they wanted†¦? One could say they lived American Dream, but did they? Does material things constitute the Dream most people strive to in their lives? It is apparent to me, that people who do not have material comfort around them, whose life is difficult because they have to calculate whether they have enough money to purchase oranges or grapes but cannot afford both, they would think that the end to their means would be living like that couple lived. And yet, my friend, being a nice and decent man felt trapped and not content. Once people obtain the material means around them they soon realize that their American Dream was not fancy cars or bigger homes – it is the opportunity to do what their heart desires: self-expression in the least amount. That would not happen if he had an opportunity to change a job that he was doing for 26 years, or at least to take a year of sabbatical. That would not happen if they were not in debt paying $ 2500 for the house and $ 1000 a month for their two cars. That would not happen if financial obligations did not overload him conflicting with his inner desires. Here, I believe I came to the root of the question whether this great country can give a feeling of being at home. Obviously, having enough income is not enough. Eliminating the need to obtain debts to rise economically perhaps would do for some. To my opinion, however, the concept of American Dream was neither of that: it had nothing to do with the financial part of it. If one looks deeper perhaps it can be seen that the fulfillment of personal dreams through the structure’s support to each family’s happiness can render people happier, and if happy they feel the more at home they would consider the country they live in. When people have to struggle thinking about their family economics and knowing that they cannot change their occupations because the discontinuation of income would bring their family to the financial ruin, they cannot think of their personal development through the change of direction in their life. They grow more and more discontent and discontented people are bitter people, people who can at the brink of a move quit their country and go looking for the happiness elsewhere. In conclusion, more and more people understand that described is not enough to be happy in life, that doing the job for the only purpose to get the money to buy the house and a nice car causes stagnation, and as the result unhappiness and discontent. An opportunity that was promised as a part of all American dream is waning and harder to grasp. That is because people understand more and more that to be called Home, the society must offer something else: as in the promise to personal fulfillment – whatever it be. The idea of a home can be different from different perspectives. Certainly, living in a house with the backyard, driving a brand new car, and having a respectable income can make characteristics of a home for many people who had never had such before. Yet, for others these are not enough for they seek something else, perhaps certain characteristics of the society that increase the degree of their satisfaction from living this life. Yet for others the dream is to become wealthy just to discover (in case if they achieve it) that even that was an illusion. The idea of a home cannot be objectified for it is unique to the subjective perception of every person who lives within the society. References More, M. (2003). Dude, where’s my country? (publisher? ) Jay and the Americans (1963). Only in America. Song written by Leiber, J. , Stoller, M. , Weill, C. , and Mann, B.

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Photos and Images are More Powerful than Words Essay -- Argumentative

Images are More Powerful than Words The American Heritage College Dictionary defines the term image as â€Å"An optically or electronically formed representative reproduction of an object, esp. an optical reproduction formed by a lens or a mirror.† This is what is more commonly referred to as a picture. The definition of a word is â€Å"a sound or combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or a combination of morphemes.† In fact, there is a constant debate about the importance and significance of both forms of communication. Because either one can be interpreted and considered differently, depending on who the viewer or reader is, this debate has been ongoing for quite some time now. The power that images have over words is stated simply by Neil Postman’s â€Å"The Great Symbol Drain† as â€Å"one picture, we are told, is worth a thousand words† (515). So, one can take a stand in saying that images are more powerful than words, because they can be understood and interpreted differently by different people. One of the benefits of EOP Cultural Trip was the visit to the United Nations Building (UN), where there was a Mural that depicted the past, present and future achievements of the UN as an organization. The images contained in this Mural evoked so many different emotions at one time that they forced one to become completely overwhelmed and in total awe. The pictures of the Holocaust were more vivid than any that could have ever been imagined while reading any book or article on the same topic. The images depicted struggle, despair, hope, strength and determination of those who were involved in that tragedy. Everyone,... ...s, Madge Sinclair. Paramount Pictures Video, 1988. Class Film. Eng 1201-EB. Summer Session, 2002. â€Å"Image.† American Heritage College 3rd ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2000. Image of Kofi A. Annan With Young Girl. EOP Cultural Trip to New York: United Nations Building, July 19, 2004. Mural of Past, Present, and Future of the United Nations. EOP Cultural Trip to New York: United Nations Building, July 19, 2004. Postman, Neil. â€Å"The Great Symbol Drain† The Presence of Others 3rd ed. Ed. Andrea A. Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2000. Stephens, Mitchell. â€Å"By Means of the Visible; A Picture’s Worth† The Presence of Others 3rd ed. Ed. Andrea A. Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2000. â€Å"Word.† American Heritage College 3rd ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2000.

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Anthem For Doomed Youth Etc

This poem tries to stop young men from volunteering to go and fight in a war, and to let them see that war is not as what is was often imagined to be – glorious and sweet. â€Å"Anthem for Doomed Youth† is also an anti-war poem, but it does not include the horrific imagery Of Dulcet et Decorum Est. In this poem, Owen explains that many young people die in war, and that the family also suffers from their relatives death. This poem discourages the families from sending their boys to war.It is aimed at the parents, and through the poem, the parents can realize the pain of losing a son. Both anti- AR poems want to explain to people although aimed at different groups that war is not glorious and sweet, as it was believed to be. In this, the poems are very similar, but the methods used to achieve this differs greatly. â€Å"Dulcet et Decorum Est† gives a personal experience of a soldier, probably Owen himself, in battle. The first stanza explains just how tired and exh austing you can be after war-The atmosphere is depressive.Owen uses words and phrases like â€Å"hags†, â€Å"sludge† and â€Å"drunk with fatigue†. The entire mood is depressive and exhausting, and makes the reader feel the draining effect of AR. In the second stanza, the mood changes drastically from being exhausted to energetic. This is what Owen describes to be â€Å"an ecstasy of fumbling†, which is an oxymoron, as ecstasy in usually associated with joy, and fumbling with awkwardness. It seems that a chlorine-gas bomb exploded near the soldiers, and panicle, they hastily put on their gas masks.All but one manage to put the masks on in time. That man suffers grumblingly, as he is described to be burnt by the gas â€Å"like a man in fire or which is a substance that can eat flesh. â€Å"As under a green sea, I saw him drowning. † The Rene sea would be because of the effects of the chlorine gas – which is green, and the mask visor. The dr owning effects would be because of the blood in his lungs, and the gurgling for air while he was dying. This is a good simile, because Owen compares the surrounding gas to a sea, in which he is safe, but the unprotected man is drowning.The stanza ends with the line â€Å"He plunges at me, guttering chocking, drowning'. It is a very gruesome end to a very horrid stanza. This onomatopoeia in line sixteen makes the death sound very real, gruesome and sickening. The atmosphere Of this stanza is horrifying ND sickening. In the third stanza, the atmosphere changes again. The gas is gone, and they are loading up the dead and dying. The bodies are, however, not loaded onto the truck with respect; instead they are â€Å"flung' in. This dehumidifies the dead, and it just shows that there is no time to honor the dead.They are treated like garbage. Then the half dead man from the gas- attack is brought up again. He is in his final death stages. It is just as horrid as the second stanza. †Å"the blood. .. Gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs†¦ † This is another onomatopoeia, and it is easy to imagine the final death scene. The sat part of the poem gives this statement after the grueling scene: â€Å"My friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old lie: Dulcet et Decorum Est Pro Patria Moor. In this, Owen explains, that if you could in some dream follow that horrific scene, and experience what the soldiers experienced, then nobody would enthusiastically tell desperate young men, about to go to war, seeking glory, that it is sweet and fitting to die for one's country, as was often quoted by commanders. â€Å"Anthem for Doomed Youth† is in the form of a Shakespearian sonnet, which is normally associated with love. This is very ironic, as this poem has very little to do with love – it has to do with death.The word â€Å"Anthem† is mostly associated with pride and glory, but in the ti tle, it symbolizes the guarantee and promise of dead young men. The first line asks a rhetorical question: â€Å"what passing bells for these who die like cattle? â€Å", followed by â€Å"only the monstrous anger of the guns†. This means, that there are no church bells for those who are slaughtered like animals, there are only the loud and deadly guns on the battlefields. Immediately, this will strike especially parents, who will not want their children to die, especially if there is tot even glory or honor in the death.No ceremony is held to honor the brave and dead there is only â€Å"angry' gunfire. Then there is the wonderful phrase â€Å"stuttering rifle's rapid rattle†. This is both an alliteration and an onomatopoeia. One can almost hear the deadly machine gun fire, ungracefully slaughtering thousands Of boys. Owen continues giving his description of the lack of glory for the young men, by saying â€Å"the shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells†. T his is also a paradox, as choirs are usually associated with a church and happiness, but here it is the ‘song' of shrill, howling shells.

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Essay about Financial Analysis of Priceline - 2191 Words

Part I: The Purpose of the Report and the Research Experience The main purpose of this report was to evaluate and research the financial information about Priceline during the past five years to evaluate the future developing of the company. In order to perform my research, I used Priceline’s 10 K report to get the financial information that was needed for this research. In addition, I used the company’s website where I found basic information about Priceline history and also other businesses that Priceline’s group owns. Yahoo finance and Priceline’s website assisted me with their presentation of financial charts and analysis of them. I found very useful Forbes website, where I was able to find out a lot of information about Priceline†¦show more content†¦Priceline points out â€Å"Jeffery H. Boyd has been Chairman of the Priceline Board of Directors since January 1, 2013† (â€Å"Board of Directors†). Jay Walker, in 1994 founded Walker Digital, which star a brand new business model, two years later Walker applied for a patent for pricing system, a year later he founded the Internet based travel agency Priceline which in 1998 begun its operation, in the very first day the company was visited for more than half million times. The following year the company went public and sold shares for $16 each, and most interesting that just thirty days later the stock was traded for $165 per share. For 2000 the company purchased, which was unsuccessful, and Mr. Walker also walked out of Priceline. In 2001 the company staked a quarterly profit, two years later ended the car and telephone services; Priceline and Travelweb LLC got an agreement and these two became partners. Deloitte Touche LLP is the Company’s independent registered public accounting firm. Priceline’s interesting fact is that is very well known for selling airline tickets, hotel and car reservations, but also is dedicated to offer home mortgages and everything related to loans (â€Å"Board of Directors†). Part III: Corporate Strategies Corporate Strategy is defined as the overall scope and direction of a corporation and the way in which its variousShow MoreRelatedAn Acquisition Opportunity For Ramsay Health Care Ltd Essay1916 Words   |  8 Pagesunderstanding of the healthcare market in Australia and other countries it currently operates in, the economies of scale in purchasing medical supplies, its financial soundness with c. AUD 380m in Cash or cash equivalent with leverage ratio at 2.5x and its strong reputation in the market. Business performance for FY16 and outlook For the Financial Year 2016 RHC as group recorded Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) of AUD 481.4m from a Revenue of AUD 8.68bn on a consolidated basis, representing a profit marginRead MoreGlobal and China Online Tourism Research, Analysis, Share, Study, Market, LifeStyle, Trends, Reports, Forecast 2012-20151111 Words   |  5 PagesTourism Consumers 6. Key Global Online Tourism Enterprises 6.1 Expedia 6.1.1 Profile 6.1.2 Financial Data 6.1.3 Revenue Structure 6.1.4 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012-2014 6.2 Priceline Table of Contents 6.2.1 Profile 6.2.2 Financial Data 6.2.3 Revenue Structure 6.2.4 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012-2014 6.3 Travelzoo 6.3.1 Profile 6.3.2 Operating Data 6.3.3 Financial Data 6.3.4 Revenue Structure 6.3.5 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012-2014 6Read MoreGroupon Case Analysis Essay968 Words   |  4 Pages. In today’s boom or bust economy and the fast growing technology, the rapid growth of the online market is no surprise. Groupon, like sites such as Expedia and Priceline, is an â€Å"e-tailer† (Growing Pains at Groupon) in which the site acts as the â€Å"middleman† who is responsible solely on transaction of goods and services between the customer and the supplier, or referred as â€Å"merchant.† Groupon’s business model is quite simple. The merchants, goods suppliers or services providers, agree to giveRead MoreE Commerce. Impact of Internet for the airline industry.4092 Words   |  17 Pagesbuying flight ticket. Customers can now purchase their tickets directly from the airlines via the Internet using intermediaries and/or cybermediaries in order to find the possible cheapest ticket. Moreover, online discount travel services, such as Priceline and Hotwire, allow airlines to dump excess inventory. They can use these channels, along with their own online specials, to drive traffic to less-popular routes, such as flights with inconvenient connections. Airlines are also using electronic channelsRead Moreâ€Å"Wyndham† Case Study Essay939 Words   |  4 Pagesvalues; Wyndham’s ByRequest program created a comfortable and memorable upscale guest experience and shaped recognition in the industry from a customer service standpoint. Being still a relatively new program, the company was limiting its focus on analysis and thus conducted limited historical study and no collection of a typical demographic data like age, income etc. But while its impact on revenues was still small, it was a success in defining Wyndham’s brand. In order to keep and even extend thisRead MoreThe Virgin Group : Virgin America Inc.1511 Words   |  7 Pagesgeneral purpose of this assessment, we will concentrate on the airline sector of the Virgin Group. Virgin-branded airlines include: Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Australia and Virgin America. In this analysis, we will take an in-depth look at the external, internal and SWOT analysis for Virgin America Airline. Virgin America Virgin America Inc., is an American airline under the Virgin Group that was founded in 2004 by Sir Richard Branson, but it was not until 2007 Virgin America began itsRead MoreEssay on Groupon Case Assignment 20145772 Words   |  24 Pagesprovided Mason with $1 million of capital to develop the concept that became known as ‘‘The Point.’’1 Virtually no one associated with The Point initially envisioned commercial aspirations for the venture. In the fall of 2008, at the height of the financial crisis, ventures with little or no commercial aspirations were in jeopardy. Lefkofsky and Mason faced a decision on how to proceed with The Point. Lefkofsky seized on an idea proposed by a group of users of The Point. This group attempted to identifyRead MoreBusiness Ecosystem Essay1246 Words   |  5 Pagesthat fulfill a particular need. For example, carved out a specialized niche by offering online bidding for low-cost airline fares. The company couldn’t exist without Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and their competitors. Yet Priceline developed a sweet spot for itself within the travel ecosystem by offering a unique service. Recyclers. Recyclers fill a special niche that deserves mention. These companies follow larger companies and transform the remnants of their work into aRead MoreLeadership Analysis : Mark Zuckerberg1672 Words   |  7 Pages LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS OF THE MARK ZUCKERBERG [Document subtitle] â€Æ' To better recognize the theoretical notion of any leadership style, it is overbearing not to hold a fundamental value to one concept for the reason that social sciences permit the necessity for it. This means there are no principles in the leadership theory which best identifies a leader. Slightly there is spectrums and contrast of numerous theoretical models in addition to integrations. Conversely, TL theory is totally based onRead MoreHermes International Sca, Manufacture, And Marketing Of Luxury Products1729 Words   |  7 Pagesincreasingly competitive environment for quality raw materials.† By buying a supplying company helps Hermes to create more exclusivity in their products as they have the option to cut out the supply of materials to their rivals. Publics: Hermà ¨s financial publics group typically include banks, investment houses and stock holders. Hermà ¨s internal publics group includes employees, managers, and the board of directors and the share holders. In 2010 Reuters (2010) announced â€Å"Hermes family shareholders